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I totally agree Rachel, and I attempted to get at the same point with the phrase "deep in the bone." There is no doubt a great deal of conditioning here. Whether symptom or cause or both, Sandberg's talk gave me a chance to document something I have observed for years.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on Women, Men and Boiled Potatoes at Marcus' World
@GoLibrarians, thank you for chiming in! I observe a widespread double standard in discussions like this, in which anything new is subject to linguistic rigors that are not applied to the supposedly "tried and true." The new ideas have to jump through hoops, the old verities get an easy pass. "Authority" ends up morphing into that concept we don't need to consider anymore, leaving aside time to apply disproportionate rigor to anything new. I'm all for sharp thinking, but it should be across the board.
Hey Janna, thanks for writing. Yes, Texas is not all red...just as California isn't all blue. That labeling scheme is far too simplistic. But for conservatives, SF does represent the "dark side." The simplest way to paint someone as an "extreme liberal" is to tie them to San Francisco; political ads across the country are employing that tactic this year. Likewise, left-wingers can just say "Texas" to get the crowd going. The other night, after the 9-0 Giants win, my fiancee and I were walking along Lake Merritt in Oakland. We passed a group of people talking about the game. Someone said, "2-0 would have been fine with me...but 9-0? Wow!" My fiancee expressed sympathy for Texas, after losing so badly. One member of the group said, "Why? It's TEXAS, for heaven's sake." This is when I realized that my red-blue analysis actually carried some weight. There's something to it.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2010 on Blue vs. Red at the World Series at Marcus' World
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Mar 15, 2010