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@J-F, Unfortunately the WR-11 auto cuts to the aux whenever something is plugged into the jack. One can't leave a cable plugged in to the aux-in. (if someone has a trick I haven't figured out I'm all ears) I had hoped to use this to easily listen to podcasts and radio but having to reach behind the unit every-time I want to use the iPhone is not functional. I find myself still using my little portable speaker for my phone. I am generally pleased with the radio otherwise, in the next revision if Sangean could see fit to add a a notch on the band switch to cut in and out of aux that would be great.
It's too bad the video quality settings are per account, not per device. I'd love to lock my iphone to the lowest quality setting but have my other devices stream at the highest quality rate. It's not very conducive to change that setting on the iphone.
Buhhhhhh, I have 2 original Roku's. I thought the whole deal about Roku's was how upgradable they were. Unless there is a real, legit, reason that you can't run their subtitles technology on the Original Roku models I'm going to be a bit teetered off. With a baby in the house I sometimes live off subtitles.
My TV shows have consistently been moving to the back of my queue within 48 hours of moving them to the front (or other location) in my queue. I've taken to using the search functionality or recently watched selection to watch TV shows.