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Christopher MacKechnie
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I believe there to be several promoters of the infrastructuralist attitude, at least in the United States - 1) Much greater availability of capital funding versus operating funding - previously discussed. The high availability of capital funding enables transit infrastructure to be built in areas that cannot justify the service levels required for good transit even if operating funding was available. 2) Infrastructure will be there for 50 - 100 or more years. Once you build it it will almost never be taken out. Service can always be ramped up later. Why not get your foot in the door before winds change and your city gets taken over by Republicans? 3) Local funding matches for new rapid transit lines are often paid for by sales or other similar taxes that face voter approval. Thus, in order to win approval your line must look "nice" to people who will never actually take it. With farebox recoveries so low and the vast majority of operating funding being paid for by the average taxpayer, I have become more sympathetic to this argument over the years. If passengers paid 100% of the operating cost of the transit system then I would not care what the general public thought about it.
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There is kind of a transit exchange on Marine Drive and Knight of sorts, with the 22, 405, and 407 stopping in a dimly lit space under the Knight St bridge. All that would be needed is an extension of trolley wire on Marine Dr. It's worth noting that most, but not all, of the community shuttles used to be routes operated with conventional size vehicles and given conventional route numbers.
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Aug 26, 2013