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Dr.Jamie Glasov: Great job at making solid and cogent points on moving the deck chairs around on the Titanic among other points and analogies on the mega Mosque at ground zero.
China is by far North Korea's most important ally and its biggest trading partner which also computes to its main source of food, arms, and fuel (nearly 80 percent). China has helped to sustain Kim Jong-Il's regime and has opposed harsh international economic sanctions in the hope of avoiding a regime collapse and an uncontrolled influx of refugees across its eight-hundred-mile border with North Korea which kind of reflects in some ways on what America is dealing with on it southern border. After Pyongyang tested a nuclear weapon in October 2006, many experts say that China has reconsidered the nature of its alliance to include both pressure and inducements. North Korea's second nuclear test in May 2009 further complicated its relationship with China, which played a central role in the six party talks,which was aimed at denuclearizing North Korea. the actions of China's bad actor neighbor is a worrysome problem since China has an ever increasing role in international markets, but there is a constant conflict since China shares longstanding historical and ideological ties with North Korea . China no doubt recognizes North Korea's unstable behavior but argues they cannot always control KIm Jong-II and what he is going to do next--- This argument remains quite weak since North Korea is dependent on China, and without China's support North Korea would collapse.
For more on CAIR's history click on Anti-Cair below:
Here is more on the development of the Battery Park Community Center
The demands are always one sided when it comes to what Muslims want or as their percentages grow they will demand it. I never see it the other way around when it comes to Islamic teachings and sharia. If the US where an Islamic country and anyone of us said anything derogatory about Islam we would be put up on blasphemy charges and more than likely killed as is happening to people as we write her now. The horror of Islam is a daily constant where ever it pokes its fundamental head. Is it any wonder that 96Pct. of Islamic countries are run by dictators and there is little freedom in most of them. The opposite is true in Western societies. I find it virtually impossible to respect such an archaic, violent,and hateful religion.
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I'm disappointed at some of the names I see on this list. The title of the bill appears misleading and one is left thinking that some of these senators may have not read the bill and understand its implications to free speech on the internet, kind of like the monsterous piece of crap legislation called Obamacare. Those that are a surprise to me are: * Jeff Sessions,Orin Hatch,Jon Kyle,and Tom Coburn.
So what race was Carnita Matthews? Is airhead a race? Probably not since they come in all colors and ethnicities. I'm wondering if I put on a hijab could it immediately change my race? Walla! instant minority,that's the ticket. I'm kinda thinking not however, given that Caucasians don't get to yell racism no matter how they are treated by minorities. By the way, how does that work? Oh that's right, it's that multicultural politically correct crap. Actually what Bozo started that? Trial lawyers I think,are the ones controlling are behavior---lawsuit anyone? The Muslims are well versed in playing the victim card when dealing with us infidels. Yep the ocifers,deputies,police, and constables are using cameras to my little friend, something this sack of,or hijab, burka type,whatever race she decided person didn't count on when she decided to practice her skill as a master taquiya and kitman artist on us poor unsuspecting infidels.
If incitement was made to be a standing charge, then anyone who has publicly criticized Islam is culpable for such a crime. The term incitement is such a gray area when it speaks to who is offended by someones opinion. But how do you condemn someone who is speaking from facts, and who allows Islam to in fact speak for itself or through Imans and clerics which is especially found in Geert Wilders 15 minute film Fitna? There have been numerous films,speeches,and books produced and written that rival or far exceed Geert Wilders criticism of Islam. The hypocrisy is overwhelming when we look at the thousands of Muslims in the EU Countries such as Anjem Chaudary who speaks of treason against the UK on a daily basis and says he is only reflecting what the Qu'ran teaches him and yet no magistrate has charged him with incitement.
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It is so obvious that the dirty little secret out there daily is that there are so many among media talking heads that remain completely ignorant of what drives the tenants of Islam. They really refuse to do any investigative journalism on the subject on their own,amazingly they take their talking points from the masters of taquiya and kitman such as CAIR representatives. Recently an attorney who practiced in Chicago had become a routine contributor on the Hannity show in regards to the Blagovich case. She came on with a line of propaganda regarding the ground Zero Mosque that sounded like it came from Iman feisel Rauf himself. Hannity asked her where she came up with her opinion, she said she got it from Chicago's local CAIR office--I haven't seen her since
After studying Islam and seeing how they operate around the world for the past 8 years, I can't even began to imagine being in any other camp than that of Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer,Geert Wilders, and a host of so many other brave people who clearly see the threat that is Islam.
To President Bush's credit (sorta) he and his administration where pretty much clueless about the practices of Islam, about the umma,about the 164 jihadist surahs in the Quran directed towards the infidel. So what is Obama's excuse at this juncture in history? He either knows full well what Islams determinations are or he chooses to ignore them.
Its kind of funny that a woman reporter for CNN came up with a report that Iman Rauf had in fact raised no money at all at this time. This report occurred this evening as John Roberts filled in for Anderson Cooper tonight.This woman reporter was clearly in support of the mosque and seemed to pursue any negative thing she could against those of us who are against it. She interviewed Daisy Khan who said that all the funds that were being raised where coming from people in America. She also managed to find a Christian minister who said he would help to raise money for the building of the mosque. There is no question in my mind that the minister was being used as a useful idiot which has been seen time and time again.Now we are learning that Iman Rauf is leaving for the middle east tonight on our tax money-- now we hear he will solicit not only funding from Saudia Arabia (Waahabist) but Iran as well. So there goes Daisy Khan's taquiya exercise on that issue.
The never ending and ongoing struggle to get the media to look at the Quran's jihadist surahs is the greatest problem we face. Though Ignorant and multiculturalist (their Achilles tendon)Britain is lost to political correctness big time, America still has time to grasp what is really happening here. Our advantage is the Muslim population is still small in America compared to many EU Countries who are experiencing Islams aggressive and dominating pressure. We heard John Roberts in the other posting above refer to jihad as a perversion of Islam to which Pamela politely told him that 9-11 in fact reflected pure Islam. John, have you ever opened the Quran or read the hadiths? have you read some of the approx. 164 jihadists versus in the Quran that are being followed everyday in this world and have lead to nearly 16,000 terrorist attacks throughout the world from America,Britain,France,the Netherlands,numerous African nations,India, to the Philippines and host of to many counties to name? It is clear that people like Pelosi who cannot seem to grasp what the American people are feeling about many issues or they simply don't care ,or they don't take the time to really look and understand what the American People are feeling. Clueless Princess Pelosi spends most of here time at 35,000 ft. between Washington and San Francisco. She once quipped that she wanted to fly in an airplane that had the range to make it from Washington to San Francisco non stop so that she wouldn't have to land somewhere in the middle of the country. Have you ever seen this woman crossing the country to talk to the average American? rare indeed. The only way she has survived in the House is that she is the rep. of Downtown San Francisco.
I always new that Pelosi was even more of a wing nut then Harry Reid. But then here district is literally the City of San Francisco. Here's the article from the Washington Times: <>
This attitude was completely predictable, how dare these infidels try to command us to change our plans near ground zero. This mosque was commanded to be built by Allah-- where do you think we are Medina?
The overwhelming evidence remains a constant within the tenants of Islam through the Quran. In Islam there is only intolerance for any other religion but Islam, and yet Christians and other non Muslims are asked to be tolerant of Islam; the question is why? Is Islam held to a different standard then the rest of the religions of the world? The answer is apparently yes; but again the question is why? Why is this intolerance ignored by other religions and by Countries who hold Western values? Could you build a church or synagogue in Saudia Arabia or Iran,let alone Iraq and Afghanistan or Syria? How about Yemen,Libya,Morocco, and how about trying to live safely in Egypt if you are a Coptic? Look at the struggles of Christians in Indonesia and a host of almost all of the 56 Islamic Countries that make up the OIC that is the largest block of countries in the United Nations and where many serve on the UN's human rights council-- that's right it is all a complete hypocritical sham. If President Obama declares that Islam must be protected by America's Constitution then Islam should be held to the exact same requirement whether in America or throughout the world, and if not then they are failing to live up to that liberty, and that freedom. Because they do not live up to that freedom of religion they should be formally disqualified from practicing it under the umbrella of the Constitution. But once again we must be reminded that Islam goes far beyond being a religion, it is in fact a complete totalitarian ideology driven by sharia law and their allegiance is only to Allah.
What an an amazing politically correct fool David Lane is, the man literally pointed out that he walks around clueless about sharia law and with his constitution in hand he somehow thinks that full adherence to it somehow protects him from America's enemies foreign and abroad. That's it David Lane, your lame response is that Iman Rauf is intitled to his opinion, and in your feeble politically correct mind none of what he advocates matters. Yes David Lane no doubt you would you have said the same for Adolf Hitler in the 30's. What people say and do does matter in this turbulent world, millions have died because they ignored what tyrants have said. Does it matter what Mahmoud Amadingjob says in Iran? or would you have said that Major Nidal Hasan was intitled to his own opinion prior to his murdering 13 American military personal? David Lane-- I would say it to your face ---Sir, your a dam fool, and I thank God we don't have many more Americans like you in this country.
Michael Ghouse needs to bone up on the practice of taquiya and kitman. People see right through his charade as he attempts to speak with two tongues at the same time. This usually works for Muslims who openly practice deceit when speaking to us kafirs or infidels in English and then telling a completely different story in Farsi. Yassar Arafat did this during his entire career in the Palestinian terrortories. The masterful charm offensive conducted by Iman Rauf obviously has worked well on both the Bush Administration, and the Obama Administration, though I believe Obama is a deliberate enabler of Islam while former President Bush was almost completely naive about the aggressive practices of Islam and sharia. Muslims are patient and it may take decades before they began to achieve their deeply entrenched goals of making the West sharia compliant. The stealth jihad is very much alive and well in America and Iman Rauf is absolute proof of it.
IT IS LONG OVERDUE TO START ASKING POIGNANT QUESTIONS TO THOSE WHO APPOSE THIS MEGA MOSQUE 600 FT.FROM GROUND ZERO. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why do you think so many people are opposing the building of this mosque neare ground Zero? Do you believe that the promoters of this mosque are being sensitive to all the families whose loved ones where brutally murdered by Islamic jihadists? Are you concerned about who will really finance the mega mosque's construction? Do you have standing factual proof that the mosque's center will be for inter faith dialog? Do you know, or have you thoroughly researched the background of Iman Rauf and his supporters? Does it concern you that there have been nearly 16,000 terrorist attacks since 9-11 committed by Islamic jihadists throughout the world? Who do you really think has the strongest voice in the Islamic world today, radical Islam, or moderate Islam? Do you understand what the message will be to umma and those who support jihad against America if this mosque is built at ground zero? Have you read any of the 164 jihad imperatives commanded to all Muslims (umma) by the Quran against infidels? Do you understand that the teachings of Islam command them to rule the entire world, establish a caliphate, and enforce sharia law? Do you understand that the word of the prophet Mohammed is considered pure for all time and cannot be abrogated? Are you aware of what has been occurring in European countries and the UK over the last 35 years as these countries Muslim populations grow? Have you read the Quran, have you read books like Eurabia by Bat Yeor,The sword of the prophet by Serge Trifkovic,Why I am not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq? And if so do you recognize a distinct difference between the teachings of the New Testament (Christian) and Islam? Are you aware that Islam is totalitarian ideology that encompasses every part of persons life. Are you aware of how Islam treats women in comparison to men? TAKE SOME TIME AND ADD SOME MORE QUESTIONS TO THOSE WHO SEE ISLAM "AS JUST ANOTHER RELIGION"
I think this is great news to have Newt Gingrich on board. I know Gingrich has done a lot of homework on Islam and presented some strong speeches that can be easily found on youtube in regards to the totalitarian threat that is Islam. The former History teacher,and former speaker of the house, is a man who does his homework on the subjects he addresses. I look for him to bring up some strong arguments against the mega mosque near ground zero. He like Sarah Palin are almost continuous contributors to FOX News on Oreilly,Hannity,and Greta Van Susteren. I do hope that these shows allow for the subject to be discussed. Newt Gingrich in one of his speeches on Youtube:
I think I know this attractive young lady, and I bet she is pretty smart to, besides being an awesome volleyball, and basketball player. Grandpa
It is all about getting the Hispanic vote--US law,and US Sovereignty be dammed as far as the Dems are concerned.
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Two years and counting to define whether Geert Wilders was using hate speech or trying to worn his countryman, as well as other Western nations of the threat posed by Islam and sharia law. Metaphorically speaking,Geert Wilders has become the straw man for the political hacks within the Netherlands who don't have the guts of this modern day Churchill to confront the sharia masters who are determined to devour all the rights of Western societies as the Quran orders them to by any means. Note also: The tentative date of the Geert Wilder's verdict falls on November 2,2010; this is the same date that America has a voting opportunity to take its nation back from the liberal Democratic Congress and send a message to Barack Hussein Obama that we don't care for his kind of "Hope & Change". Hopefully this can be a turning point on that day for America,Geert Wilders,and the Netherlands.
Check out this this challenge Mike Adams made to Muslims who threatened South Park Creators on Townhall How to Offend Barbarians and Promote Diversity <>
Sometimes when I reflect on the attack on the Pentagon on 9-11, there are times that those within its walls may also reflect and may experience the pucker factor of intimidation by Islamists. God I hope that does not exist within its walls! but the feeling is out there that there are some who are intimidated by the aggressive nature of Islam and tend to choose the path of appeasement towards Islam which in fact only emboldens them if they smell weakness in their sworn enemy,the great Satan. "We must know our enemy and know him well if we want to defeat him, We must also be able to define ourselves if we want to defeat him." General Douglas MacArthur