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Quite excellent! Many articles of this kind suffer from a failure of the author to appreciate and understand the Protestant midset(s) being discussed, and so end up being caricatures, just as we rightly accuse them of doing to us. But from your understanding, you have laid out really useful tools with which to approach these topics with thoughtful Protestants. Admittedly, it will not do much good for the somewhat less thoughtful, more strident anti-Catholic sites, such as the one that you found, and the one at, but it is a very good start. I am a Catholic convert who came in from a journey that included Fundamentalist, conservative Evangelical, conservative (Presbyterian Church in America) Calvinist Presbyterian, and conservative (Missouri Synod) Lutheran, so I have been exposed to all of this, and am always looking for more good writing on the subject.
Question: I have a Christian (Protestant) friend who is blind. She has a blind friend who is Catholic. She was wondering what resources about the new Mass (even just a transcription or recording of the new texts) are available for the blind. Would this book, for example, be available in an audio book format any time soon? Any ideas?
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on How to Order Mass Revision at Mass Revision
Jimmy, thank you for your calm, quiet, courteous, and balanced comments. We aren't seeing very many of those on this issue. Also thank you for reminding us all to pray, for Fr. Corapi as well as for the Church hierarchy attempting, however ineptly, to deal with the situation, and for his accuser and her family and friends.
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Jul 8, 2011