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I have only one thing to say: if this is true, I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
My utter contempt for أوباما knows no bounds. Hell I can't even express it properly. I, too, want my America back!
Good. We can add Kuwait to the Target List....
I'm going to bite my tongue and say that those who associate themselves with the Occupy Movement are a bunch of effeminate idiots.
Do you know how hard it is to prevent one's self from laughing so hard at 3:30 AM and waking your spouse up? Well I barely managed it, and Pamela and Robert's reaction to Khaaaaan's temper tantrum is simply Priceless!
I feel sorry for every non-Mohammedan who, for whatever reason, is subjected to this Evil Cult of Death.
I heard Newt didn't make the ballot in MO because he didn't pay the fee. I think what happened is what what one conservative candidate goes up against the Mittster.
I used to goad him with socks. That stopped a long time ago. Instead, I feature him as prominently as possible in my Download City episodes.
Well, Ronulans...his name's listed as the Editor, it's HIS baby whether y'all like it or not! One which should be ABORTED from the GOP list!
If only the Chinese weren't such Godless Communists!
Even if the House Impeached Эрик Холдер, the Senate doesn't have the balls to vote to Convict. That august body is still controlled by the Demo☭rats.
You are nothing more than a vampire Pamela. Ah! I see someone who Loves a Good Fisting has shown up....
This story wouldn't surprise me one bit. That said, I'd like to share that for events such as these, his name shouldn't be written in English, but as الرئيس أوباما. After all, he is a Mohammedan.
Perhaps selrahC knows he's going to why not drag as many people down with him as he possibly can! Not me, you chump.
With any luck we can send Obama to Mars oneway aboard the next NASA shuttle to that planet.Actually, the Universe would be better served if he were sent on a one-way Stargate transit to LV-426.
Here's the Flag Obama should fly...
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2008 on This is reason number 2,352,951.... at BlackFive
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DAMN! I hope this guy releases this film on the Internet!
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Inbred Muslims? You don't say....
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Did y'all see zombietime's report? At least Sherry Glaser didn't show up with her huge ta-tas!
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That's because they're already taking the Islamofascists up their asses.
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And about frakkin' time too!
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