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I have had the *SAME* problem with those very same repair staff!! They are BEYOND rude. I once even told this girl to her face to pick her face up off the floor and talk to me with some respect. I then refused to speak to any of them further - and went to one of the guys in the sales part of the shop, and told him I refused to deal with that one particular girl - who then came over to him, and proceeded to tell him that *I* was rude to her...needless to say - I was pissed. Basically I had had a Siemens phone that had abruptly stopped working one day - no reason. Honestly, NO REASON. They told me it was "water damage" and I was like "Oh hell no" then they accused me of lying, while rolling their eyeballs as if I was "just another customer". I'm still pissed about it.
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Oooh - have a lovely time - and I believe the shopping is really good over there. I'm sure your lil' sis will show you where all the good spots are that aren't touristy. I love travelling, my husband not so much. He spends the entire flight pacing up and down (clearly fending off what is likely to be a fatal case of deep vein thrombosis) the aisles (yes he is *that* guy) while I am in rapturous delight over the movie selection, and the ability to engage my brain, without worrying about the kids. (if they're not with me that is). Anyhoo Have Fun!
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Hah! That is what my folks told me, and yes, I too have uttered the very same to my eldest who is four going on 17. *Love* being able to use it now...
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Jun 20, 2010