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Bonjour Richard! FYI - The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is Hadid's first American work: We were just there for a wedding this summer!
Don't we all want to take a can of Pledge and some tung oil to "spiff up" that treasure? Oh yes, and lose the geraniums in the green plastic! Mais, c'est la vie... M
Richard, you are an angel. I just ordered the book and after I read it I will donate it to my synagogue's library. I'll also forward your email to as many people as possible. Bisous, M
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2009 on No Goodbyes at I Prefer Paris
Richard, I almost missed your fantastic interview on The French Creative Connection. Next time that you post - be sure to give it more notice. I ADORE that first photo of you behind the glass, it really captures your serious side. xx, M
Oui, oui Steve is SPOT-ON - my favorite is thing is YOU! You are engaging & fun; knowledgeable & professional; AND cute as a speckled pup under a glass cocktail table!!! Mwaaahhhhhhhh Richard!!! xx, M
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2009 on Eye Prefer Paris Third Anniversary at I Prefer Paris
WOW Richard what stunning shots - what a beautiful town. Next time I come to Paris I'm signing up for a tour with you to Lille!!! xx, M
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2009 on Lille Part Two:The Old Quarter at I Prefer Paris
Stunning, every last one - but I like the next to the last one that looks scratched - great effect! So tell us more about your new camera svp!!! xx, M