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Phone beeping. Hope rising. And falling.
This cheers me up and makes me laugh each time :D I didn't know it was called an aglet. We all have something to learn from 6 year olds ;) #10: ahh, the contraints of blogging dangerously and anonymously so. "I like it."
You forget to mention all the french vocabulary. :) Today I was reading Platon and Epicure and co and discussed the idea of enjoying today. It's hard, especially in a society that insists so much on the future - retirement plans, assurance, jobs... Being able to live today whilst being secure enough for tomorrow so as not to worry about it is not easy but achievable. Especially with a great family and early nights ;) RAINBOW wonders why the caps. I mean it's lovely, go rainbows :)
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We have a strap-on called Cloud. Because it's.. you know, it provokes cloudiness. Also provokes hilarity and endless puns on cloudy days. Tried to name the vibrator but it didn't stick, mainly because we don't use it enough (..why?). On a less sexual note we have a commissioned "Junk Bag" when we go on travels. Normally just a plastic bag with a load of chocolate and bad stuff. We get very affectionate with our junk bag. And to those who interpret that wrongly, I scowl at you endlessly.
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Nov 7, 2010