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Beginning in 8.0.1 there is a per volume option to set the same: ntap01> vol options vol2 max_write_alloc_blocks 256
Toggle Commented Jul 8, 2011 on Large Sequential Read at NetApp - Pseudo Benchmark
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If you use Hyper-V I'd add one additional step: Use fixed VHDs. Dynamic VHDs insert container metadata inline with the filesystem data (as the VHD grows) resulting in misalignment regardless of your partition layout. So if you're fixing partition misalignment on a VM with dynamic VHDs make sure you also migrate (not convert) to fixed VHDs as well.
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Can you explain or provide a link to "how" multi-hop FCoE is enabled? My memory is that there are several technical features, or combination of features, that could enable multi-hop FCoE and I'm curious which road was taken for this solution. Also, several Cisco hw models are listed. Is a specific model required to be in the solution or is it just a list of models that [will] support multi-hop? So for example in the multi-hop diagram above could both be Cisco 5548P? Lastly, is there a specific firmware level requirement from Cisco & NetApp for multi-hop support? Answers, or a link to a more detailed whitepaper about the solution, would be great. Thanks, Chris
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Apr 4, 2011