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Dude. Really? Your content is good. This post is not. This is the kind of self important self indulgence that makes people endlessly make fun of A-Listers. This makes you sound like an arse. I've followed you and long time and I don't think you are one (could be wrong though). Why don't you let others talk about how good your stuff is - when you do it, it's a major fail.
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YAP (Young Association Professionals at is my community, that I love and is awesome. We work with associations and noonprofits and there are a LOT Of great examples in those industries.
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Hi Aliza, thanks for this post which I found after reading through the ISMA post which is still going fast and furiously over on Olivier's blog. I think it's so true that all of us will have taken quite different paths to get to the point of being consultants on social media and I'm fascinated to read everyone's stories. For me, I got a couple of art history degrees, taught marketing to Fine Art students in London (best job ever, worst pay ever), then worked in mar/com for a big financial services company. When they went through a demutualisation and merger that lasted two years +, I was part of the PR/communications team in charge of setting up an intranet forum specifically for helping them communicate internally about what was happening. From there I worked for a small professional membership association for several years as COO, started blogging about association management, technology, social media, and strategy. I met my now business partner online, Lindy Dreyer, a fellow association industry blogger on association marketing and social media, and we were asked to help provide social media strategy to associations. We looked at each other and said, "could we make a living doing this thing that we love?" and SocialFish was born. We've always written from the very beginning about how social media touches everything, every part of business management and business intelligence, and we're quite happy in our little association niche to be able to prove that we know how this very quirky industry works and the very real challenges they face in terms of the economy, in terms of being slow to innovate for fear of disrespecting "history", in terms of having a membership base but not necessarily knowing how best to help them engage with the organization (or with each other) online, in terms of bridging the digital divide... So our focus is very much on mission-driven social media for building community. I find it really fascinating now that as the social media sphere is starting to mature (a little bit) there are really different ways of analyzing it all. Can't wait to see how others got into it and what their focus areas are.
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Dec 7, 2009