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Perez Hilton is "a man who hates women so much that he won't have sex with them" Hey, Michael knows from experience. He *is* gay, he frigging wrote about it to Alan Ginsberg and "suppressing his swelling desires."
Guys, there has been a paradigm shift in the science. There is no such thing as nature or nature-- everything is _epigenetics_. This means the environment changes your gene expression, though not the underlying DNA. All the evidence still implicates genes (probably a dozen 'switch' genes controlling 100s of genes involved in perception). There is NO current evidence or hypothesis implicating 'choice' or 'my Mommy babied me and turned me gay' or 'my Daddy didn't love me so I seek other men' whatsoever. We can make fruit flies gay with the switch of a gene. We're just way more complicated.
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