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My tree allergies were terrible when I was a kid, they gave me asthma attacks (I remember one spring the nurses at the hospital remembered me, "Hey, kid. The usual?"), but they've improved as I got older. They even went away for a while and then came back. One thing I learned is that not all antihistamines are the same, what you want for allergies like this is loratadine. My cats do horrible things in the litter box too, but I have found that feeding them Before Grain food has helped a lot with that. I noticed a difference when I had to give them cheap food for a little while, blech. If there was any way I could get the cats to go outside I would, but living in an apartment makes that hard.
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I am curious what the situation is like in other countries. Canada is generally okay, but there is a growing conservative/Christian movement here and it sickens me, honestly.
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I joined the group and immediately found some really helpful and caring people. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Also, concerning the death of pets - I took in a cat that a relative had been neglecting (to the point of illness and starvation) and spent 6 wonderful years with, only to have him mysteriously and suddenly drop dead. I still get teary when I see pictures of him. I loved that little guy so much, I wanted him to have a long life, but what he got was a very happy one full of love. I still miss him and it's been over 2 years.
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This really makes me wish I could be there! We ad our Pride Parade here in Winnipeg already, I never thought of getting the atheist community together for a march. That would be a good idea, and it would be interesting to see how it would go over here. Winnipeg has been generally pretty open to various religious ceremonies (we have public pagan, Hindu and other spiritual festivals and rituals). I wonder how a public atheist demonstration would go over? Now I want to do this. Have a great time there and say hi to everyone for me. Tell James Randi he needs to live forever so he can keep being awesome and inspiring and awesome.
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I am sorry for your loss. I've just discovered your blog and have been enjoying it. I was saddened to read this. I have lost pets before, and it is not easy to lose a little furry creature so close to our hearts. She looked like a lovely, adorable, loving cat who made people happy.
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