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Question: how does someone figure out whether they are right- or -left-sided?
Toggle Commented Mar 13, 2013 on The Left-Siders at Re:Focus
If only my own doctorate would be so organised. I am writing the first, and final draft of the tome in the year *after* I could have finished. And hoping like mad that now I am finally *allowed* to write, that my central argument hasn't been taken already. There are lots of models of how a doctorate is *supposed* to be done. How faculties and university admin are supposed to assist that process. In my own case, the admin overruled the faculty, process over substance. Nevertheless, I persist. And soon, very soon, I shall be submitting. To whom? They have a process for that: well, a process for everything *but* identifying appropriate examiners. I wish I had though to do a PhD on doing a PhD. I'd have been done already. (Maybe ;)
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Jun 24, 2011