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Maggie Callahan
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I would really love to win this giveaway and thus am entering! my spoonflower username is the_maggie
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when i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia i was super happy even though it didn't change anything, they still couldn't do anything but try to treat symptoms. BUT. at least i knew what the heck it was! so *beep* the haters.
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I'm with Princess I think. This may reach someone who would never thinking about the issues we are/have been faced with. They would never develop that empathy. "BUT look, my favorite Housewife is doing this experiment, oh it is funny! oh, wait, no, it is sad. that poor woman. but, she can take off the suit and...wait. oh. maybe i should be nicer to fat people." Yes, there are obviously other things that define those of us who are obese that make us more than "fat people" but lets be realistic, to those who aren't overweight, we get lumped into that title. MAYBE this helps people see beyond their knee jerk reactions? of course, it could accomplish none of that but i think trying isn't a horrible idea. of course, i've not had any coffee and may very well be insane at the moment..
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Oct 29, 2011