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Enow Maggie Egbe
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Accept my condolence the Family and CAMESEJ. That was a great lose.I am just from school and feel so tired,decided to browse on the internet, hardly do i go to the post,but something keep on telling me to just see what is happening back home, then i got bitter after seeing a properous lady like Loveline and all the good things friends and relatives wrote about her. I done know her, but i know she was a dynamic and hardworking lady.Dying is one of two things. Either it is like having no awareness at all, or, as people say, it’s some kind of transfer of address for the soul from where we are into some other place. And if it is no awareness at all, if it is like a sleep slept out without any dreams, then death is wonderful.. Families and friends of Loveline don,t give up, keep the ball rolling add to what she left behind.That will surely keep her happy. Maggie Enow nee Egbe Canada
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2007 on The Post Reporter Dies at Up Station Mountain Club