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Amen. I also deleted my Klout profile about a month ago and am just glad to be able to mostly ignore the whole conversation about it now. Topics Klout considered me an expert on included religion (never mentioned it once either on or offline so who knows where that came from) as well as a few other random ones I've forgotten. If the world "needs" a reputation score for me based on a mystery algorithm that changes daily, I guess it's out of luck.
Amen. This is rampant in the association world--lots of associations are launching community platforms yet hardly any are staffing for it at all. Then in a few years all will decide it was a failure and scrap the whole thing as a failure on the part of the technology provider.
I subscribe to your blog and always agree with your posts, but never take the time to comment. I just want to weigh in on this one to say I think you're absolutely right. And I say that as someone who has been the community manager for the outsourced community of a major brand--even though the pay was great, the whole time I was doing it I was thinking "this should not be outsourced."
Funny--I started drafting a blog post after reading that same TechCrunch article. I'm so tired of articles claiming that women rule...well, mostly anything, because invariably they really don't. Unless the definition of "ruling" is spending money. They don't earn equivalent wages in many/most sectors. Etc. I'll save the rant for my own post and spare you and your readers ;) But cool point about women's colleges. I applied to three schools back in the day, two of which were women's schools (one of which was Sweet Briar--cool comment about it above!). I got into all three, but chose the coed one. I wonder if my life would be any different today had I chosen one of the other two?
Weirdly, through this whole thing, my allegiance to ASAE has grown stronger...go figure. I don't know if it's because it's made me think about why I chose to renew my membership (after many months of debating it) and weighing what being a member represents or what. To me, it's not a money thing--my employer pays my ASAE dues, so the $200 or whatever it is is a non-issue. It's about the choice of whether or not I want to be associated with ASAE...whether it's an organization I feel proud to be affiliated with or don't want to have anything to do with. Even though I hate the listservs and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why the private community they launched sucks so badly, overall I like it well enough to offer my time on an ongoing basis, speaking at ASAE events, volunteering in various capacities, and even recommending it to people I meet in some of the other communities I'm active in. I think you're totally right about the love thing--I may have a love/hate relationship with ASAE in some ways, but overall the warm-fuzzy feeling of being part of the association community must, on some level, tie back to ASAE because not only am I still a member despite my complaints, I find myself, at the start of a new year, considering going for my CAE and/or getting more involved with volunteering for ASAE.
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Amen! This is a huge reason why I hate this time of year--people (like me) who already have everything they could ever want and much more feeling obligated to rack their brains to think of gifts to buy for people who also already have too much of everything. Then you're supposed to endure huge crowds and possible bodily injury to buy the stuff? I hate the whole thing. AND it's cold out and gets dark at 5 pm.
Oooh--congrats--she's adorable! (my son is reading over my shoulder and said "Aw--he's so cute!) Patience is not my strong suit, and being a community manager is certainly causing me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to being patient...waiting for others to get it, needing to wait for others for information community members are asking for, etc...there is a big element of hurry up and wait to my particular job. Especially when everything you read and hear these days is stressing the URGENCY of "getting" social media and community management, and if you only could explain it better to the C-suite they'd move on it RIGHT NOW...that's just not the way it plays out in a lot of cases. But when things do come together, it makes the wait it took to get there a bit more tolerable (in retrospect)!
I could not agree with this more. "last year plus two percent"--if there ever were a mantra for stagnancy, this would have to be it.
Call me crazy or reactionary but this whole thing really bugs me and honestly has me questioning whether or not I want to remain an ASAE member. It's not so much the censorship issue as just the whole culture of stodgy-ness (seriously--the word "suck" is so unthinkable?) and inflated importance. If I'm a person who values creativity and freedom of expression and couldn't care less about committees and councils, is ASAE really the right fit for me? Why do I want to pay money to be told what is and what is not appropriate?
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I thought the same thing when I would read Jeremiah's post every month--so I, too, was inspired to create my own list on my blog. Jeremiah was kind enough to link to my list from his post and I've gotten some great responses. Here's the link to my list; I'm going to add a link to the WeAReMedia wiki list.
Totally agree-they should pay to learn how to be strategic, then write their own strategy. That way when, 6 months down the line, it needs to change, they are equipped to do it themselves and to keep doing it as they adjust course into the future, rather than being stuck with a broken, expensive document that doesn't work anymore but they can't afford to shell out to have another consultant re-write it. I have to say that I've worked with some unbelievably good consultants but also with some who are incredibly bad, and it always astounds me that they can charge what they do and still be so bad.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on Documents Are Not Strategy at Get Me Jamie Notter
A.M.E.N.!! Especially when the originally strategy is flawed, trying to stick to it and weave whatever you're doing back to the original, flawed document is just...well, not a good idea. I don't mean this as a slam on you at all--since you're a consultant--but I think the part about investing so much time and money into strategic document creation is a big piece of this. If an organization hires a consultant to create a strategy--for many thousands of dollars--they are basically committing to that strategy for a period of time proportional to the outlay of money it took to fund its creation. So if an org pays $25k to have a strategy developed and that strategy turns out to be bad, it's double-bad because that organization is not going to be very likely to do what you're advocating here: trash it after 6 months. They're going to be forced to continue to try to squeeze some value out of it, and in the process, cripple their own attempts at moving forward.
Toggle Commented Jan 13, 2010 on Documents Are Not Strategy at Get Me Jamie Notter
Love this! Now you just need to get Harvard to award you an honorary degree!
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