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Farhan Rehman
London, UK
Social Media Strategist, and Entrepreneur
Interests: Startups, Entrepreneurship, Non-Profits, Volunteer Organisations, Blogging, Twitter, Tech Companies, Web 2.0, Using Technology as a Tool, Community Management
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Oh Wendy.. Perhaps you just need to help your Mum distill her thoughts and ideas into 140 chars - then she can tweet you her requests.. and at the same time still be able to write the long rambling emails ;) At least then, her emails won't be sent expecting responses in the same way that she can tell you what she wants done through her tweets ;) Wendy's Mum - you know she loves you dearly right? But as much as can love our family, sometimes it looks like it would be so much easier on Wendy, if you just asked her what you wanted done - I'm sure she won't mind, and if she does, she'll just tell you ;)
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2009 on Apple and the tree at City Wendy
Am curious, to see no mention of Social Median, as an alternative RSS Reader. Have you tried it out? Also, have you taken a look at Gist? Agree with you on Evernote ;) Thanks for sharing
Couldn't agree with you more.. I was actually thinking of this very thing, when I read your post about the recruiting 'A' Players post.. That actually an 'A' Player, is just someone who's discovered the right skills for them to focus on, and developed them... Thanks for sharing that!
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2009 on the A-Player janitor at Summation
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