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I would encourage you to make sure your lab is at least the same size as a regular classroom, if not larger. I have seen a number of architects in recent years jam a computer lab into a smaller space. I have always advocated for larger, classroom-size or larger labs. This provides flexibility and the opportunity to actually use it as a classroom in the years to come when you do move to an all wireless solution. You may have to advocate for this and it will be worth it in the end!
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Excellent! You have now provided all of us a "back to roots" experience. Well said!
Toggle Commented Apr 3, 2007 on Back to the Roots at LeaderTalk
I am pleased to see the data showing our fellow administrators have positive attitudes toward online learning once they have participated in a course. I hope that we can equally educate decision makers about the tremendous amount of work it takes to develop this coursework. Quality curriculum takes time and resources and online curriculum, in my opinion, requires additional (upfront) time and resources (not to mention testing.) Many people expect us to magically produce these courses. It certainly takes more than magic!
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2007 on What's Good for the Goose... at LeaderTalk
Thanks for leading us off, Chris! We used a password-protected Zoomerang survey to do the same thing as Kim's school. It allows us to not only make sure the connections are there, but also analyze on a broader level if we are connecting with all students. We have considered turning the tables and having students complete the same survey -- which adults in our school do they have a connection with...we might find some interesting results!