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This is what I was looking for. Keep it simple? I could even convince my kids to use it for collecting their ticket from various visits, pictures, a those little things laying around everywhere etc. Only my wife is not yet sure if it is gonna work out. And I see one disadvantage. In case you have a fire or water in your house I imagine that folders are more likely to save. And I will start Monday to organize my emails the same way. On top the ones you need again and again, on the bottom the ones you think you never need, once deleted, next day you just need that damn phone number. But how to enforce such an order - manipulating some kind of custom date. Need to check in Outlook. I believe that this organization makes more sense than ordering by incoming date or any other grouping. Especially grouping of emails is not working out, because you can apply multiple categories to most emails. And yes I tag them already. So I do already 50% of Noguchi
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2011 on The Noguchi filing system -- perverted at DEBlog
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Feb 25, 2011