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It seems to me that chiliastic leftism had (and in diluted form may still have) an appeal to important segments of secularised Jewry that is worrisome; and that Krajewski is right - and not just politic - to suggest that Jews ought to be concerned about it, for reasons of moral probity and not just to appease the anti-semites. Too many Jews, it seems to me, stuck with utopian leftism even when it morphed into totalitarian Communism (not much of a morph, actually - utopian leftism had most if not all the seeds of totalitarianism about it from the outset.) It wasn't just the occasional Tariq Aziz that stuck with Communism-in-power in the USSR, until (in short order of course) the regime turned on the Jews and killed off huge numbers of them (as it killed off essentially all the Old Bolsheviks and untold millions of others). The CPUSA, too, throughout its history, was disproportionately populated with Jews, and that's actually putting it mildly. There is more to worry about here, I think, and to work at building up antibodies against, than a case of taking "a bit of pride" in Mark Spitz but not feeling any responsibility for Buggsy Siegel. Marx as "international rabbi" is, I fear, a tired trope, and savours strongly (to me at least) of anti-semitic boilerplate. Marx's ancestry was Jewish; Marx himself was an anti-semite. (Read "On The Jewish Question", if you have a strong stomach.) Unfortunately Jewish anti-semites - today as in the past - are not as rare as one might wish.