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My ICQ #564986518 Still awaiting membership confirmation on Facebook... so cannot see anything yet...
FTU, I understand. If you have no much time, I could help you to make up "the book" if you want. I'm publishing designer and at the moment I could spend some time with it.
Greetings inspired ones! :) Great idea! I'd like to extend it, by the way. I think most of us would like to see this book to. What do you think about publishing it in internet? So that we all could see what pages are already made and so on... And please...slow down. Can you do a good job in one week? Please, give us more time. For example, I have read about your idea just today. I have fanarts and comments too, and I'd like to participate on this project, but I need more time to finish them.
Posted Jan 14, 2010 at Julia Maksymova's blog
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Jan 14, 2010
It's just funny! Actually, it was the first I did... Here we are -- me and my friend:
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2010 on AVATAR Yourself at Avatar Blog
UltimateHappiness, I’m agree with you!! Let them go deeper… I would like to see more about Pandora. It is just wonderfull, and so full of life! (Just like our own planet was… thinking of all that species disappearing…)So Jake and Neytiri could just make a trip for us. :) But what schould they look for? It could be that way for example: First step: Neytiri or her mother could have a vision of humans coming back with more weapons or something like that. Or a „non-human“ scenario: Na’Vi are pretty helpless on their planet because humans never give up, it’s just obviously, and Jake knows that as ex-human-soldier. Step two: Na’Vi should look for help or an effective defence. From one of their legends we could figure out that there were a race of mysterious „Creators“ a very long time ago. Their spirits are now in Eywa but their bodies are frozen in the caves in the mountains at the Pole of Pandora (Or somewhere under the water – it would be great! Waterworld is just so fascinating…). Jake and Neytiri should find them, than do a ceremony to wake them up and ask for help . From one of the „Creators“ we could hear a story about what they actually created… „There are only a few planets so full of life in this universe. These planets are „Libraries of lifeforms“. We put all of appropriate lifeforms together in one world and than we develop the species who would have connection to all of them to take care of them and of the Library-world. Some of us stay there as a teachers. We are scientists, not warriors. Our task is to collect existing lifeforms, to create new ones to make whole system work in harmony. The whole process takes eons of time. A long time ago we were sent to a beautifull planet, hidden in a system of one sun. Billions of lifeforms were created there. We developed a special bodies for those of us who wanted to stay there. It was a wonderful world full of harmony and love. But one day came another ones who wanted to enslave this world. This race changed the biology of librarians we created and made them half-blind. They lost their connection to each other and to the world. They forgot almost everything they knew about the life and the Source. We could not protect our children at that time and we could not distroy them before they begun to distroy the Library. So we decided to try again on another world. And we found a planet you call Pandora…“ (Does this sound familiar to you, humans?..) Step three: The Creators of the Libreries should have supernatural powers like working with the elements or they should have powerfull spaceships under the Sea or under the surface of the planet. But there are only a few of them and they need help too, because they are just scientists… What do you think about that?
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Jan 12, 2010
Willkommen zu TypePad! Das ist ein Beispieleintrag. Sie können ihn später bearbeiten oder löschen. Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2010 at Julia Maksymova's blog