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Interests: the bible, music, literature, spirituality, opera, theatre, history, art, fashion, mozart, foreign films, podcasting, breakfast at tiffany's, the count of monte cristo, philosophy, family, interior design, funk, hero, schubert, interests: faith, christian theology, interactive multimedia, fragrances, interactive shopping, louis xiv, 18thc antiques. <p> favourite books: the count of monte cristo by dumas, diary of a madman and other stories by gogol, the brothers karamazov by dostoyevsky, the buddenbrooks by thomas mann, remembrance of things past by marcel proust, war and peace by tolstoy, the prince by machiavelli, old goriot by balzac, the works of oscar wilde, the house of mirth by edith wharton, breakfast at tiffany's by truman capote, andy warhol diaries, the name of the rose by umberto eco, a terrible beauty by peter watson, the torah, the da vinci code <p> favourite movies: citizen kane, the red violin, la reine margot, le bossu, vatel, the fencing master, amarcord, the crimson rivers, le roi qui dance, le colonel chabert, three colours red, three colours blue, three colours white, raise the red lantern, rashomon, the virgin spring, the shoes of the fisherman. <p> favourite music: verdi, rossini, hummel, jazz funk, pop.
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Mar 15, 2010
All Things Beautiful TrackBack 'The Murtha/Moran Duo Get Slam Dunked' Sorry for the naked url, but your trackback didn't work and you have disabled your html. In view of the legendary problems TypePad is having with their software ( I am with TypePad too) you might want to consider enabling html in your set up, as I am sure I won't be the only one to have had problems. All the best A
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