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Katrina Peterson
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Holley, THanks for the chance to be honest and vulnerable. Having 17 & 19 year old cars we had one die last Fri night. (need $500 to fix, fuel pump.) Then last night had a "fender bender". My 24 year old son was doing me a favor, transporting his sister to ballet and totaled the front end of his car. I won't be able to attend church again, tomorrow. Praying for you dear Delores. And lovely reminder, Jan-nine, ~K
"And it wasn't until I was content with the ordinary that God opened the door to the extraordinary." Thank you, Dee~ I stand on all of HIS holy words. His scriptures are my breath. Having 7 sons, ages 5-24, I need the comfort & promise from Prov. 4:20-27 Here I stand~ "....Let them not escape from your sight; keep them within your heart. For they are life to those who find them, and healing to all their flesh. Keep your heart with all vigilance for from it flow the springs of life..." Wisdom keeps us on the path of life without swerving off into the grime and mire of the world.
Dearest Ann, Thanks for being a wise, comforting voice for us sisters. Thank you for reading your lovely words to "souls made saints" You are my chocolate from the Father's heart (Borrowed from Anonymous above.)It was refreshing to "hear" your soft, soothing voice. My friends are women who are unseen, like you, Holley, Lisa-Jo and ALL who bless me through their typed words & comments. I made a promise of friendship to a dear midwife friend/sister. Community is healing when those accept you and have the time to invest and pray for you (get "dirty" in serving and blessing one another.) ~All's grace. Unto Him be all Glory in the Church by Christ Jesus. ~K
Holley, So many times we think God only want us to be happy. Yet, we need to believe He has our growth and our resting in Him alone, as a Providence for us. (sanctification) I loved C.C. & Sherrie's comments. I appreciated your closing prayer for each reader today. Before, I glanced at the gift beautifully designed by Lisa Leonard, I thought, "we already have received His unmerited favor. His Sovereign grace." THAT is where desires and dreams originate. Thank you! Psm. 73:28
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Jul 2, 2010