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mama hussy
sun in cancer (gemini cusp), lover, mama, gardener, vegan, traveler...
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Just putting in my two cents that I am reading and LOVING this! Thank you so much for sharing. The honesty is brave, but more so makes the entertainment aspect elating. You guys are great!! xx
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I'm anxiously awaiting the rest... gimme, gimme
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THIS IS UNREAL!!!! I cannot believe what I am seeing. Thanks for the honesty! REALLY! You two (three!) are so brave, honest, and SO STINKIN CUTE!! Which is why WE ARE ALL MADLY ADDICTED to your blog! xx
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Oh, you'll do great at all herbs!! You have that green thumb, I have NO DOUBT!!! But some yummy ones that I think you would cook with and you would also LOVE the aromas of (like just putting them in a small vase in the house) are Basil, Oregano, Sage, Mint... Those are a good 4-some to start with. There is a "new" Lavender that will allow you to water it as much as you wanna water your other plants. And won't die (drown). Try that too!!!
Those "greens" are Hastas, they are GREAT!!! One of my fave EASIES!!! AND they come back!! MY STYLE!! hehe.
Love it!! Keep their hands in the dirt!!! SO GOOD FOR THEM!!! Where are you planting this garden?? It looks great!! And what dogs and cats destroy your garden? I have never heard of such. Terrible!! Even using chemicals to keep the little shizs out??? Jeepers!!
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Apr 12, 2010
Aidie looks TOTALLY DIFFERENT!! His NOSE!!! looks more adult!!! His profile is still exactly the same!! I LOVE THESE BOYS! They melt my heart into a puddle.
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Apr 12, 2010