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Good stuff! I peek into DD's classroom all the time. Funny what she can do at school but not at home. Too bad for her I work were she goes to school so I know what's up!
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2012 on parenting smart kids at Crappy Pictures
Fo Sho. I think my husband is in on it too. When it is going to good with the kids, he gives me a hard time. It is me against them.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2012 on comparing kids' behavior (is bad) at Crappy Pictures
A good Dr.pepper gets/got me through teaching, two small children and grad school at the same time.
Mine is a Route 44 Dr.Pepper from Sonic, ahhhh. You. Are. Awesome.
When my mom gives the kids clothes, she always hands the box to me and says "they won't care about this, it's for you."
My husband taught my daughter how to jump from the fireplace hearth to the couch once. I almost hit him with a frying pan.
I get ya on the perfect moms. The ones with the kids that organize sock drawers while their moms "gasp" use the restroom.
Last time it was powdered sugar for me. He didn't eat it, just threw it in the air in the pantry. Looks like it snowed on all the cans and boxes... is now following The Typepad Team
Dec 12, 2011