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Mana Brau
fear is the path to the dark side
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whether Jesus existed or not is beside the point. hell, the letter "J" wasn't used until 500 years ago, so of course there was nobody running around literally called "Jesus" 2000years ago but I just don't care if he existed or not, and it won't change what believers think either, it'll make them grip onto their Jesus fantasy even stronger, so it's a pointless thing to even mention because the bible is just a bunch of stories anyway it's like if someone said that Gandalf or Yoda don't exist... "yeah they don't exist, but so what?" if there were any lessons to be taught from the stories about Gandalf and Yoda, does the non-existence of these characters deflate the lessons those stories could teach us? no. it does not. and as for JC saying you're going to hell for not believing that he's god, without an exact example as to what you mean, it's a fair bet that if read in context, it would be boiled down to something like this "if you don't show love for your fellow humans, then you don't love Jesus, and if you don't love Jesus, then you don't believe that he is god, and therefore, ultimate blasphemy is committed", ra ra ra .. so saying "believe in me" is Jesus referring to your being a good, loving, and peaceful person, me thinks ie. by following the second commandment (love thy neighbour), the first commandment (love thy god) is automatically followed. you're right about the convoluted nature of the bible, but the bible does clearly says in many places that *love* is the highest law - "love thy god" and "love thy neighbour" .. all the gospels, even Paul says it in Romans 13 and in other books.. so what ever else it does say, *love* out ranks it all. so I just take that simple notion and ignore the rest, because the whole point of what this JC character allegedly taught was to *love* everyone - and it's that simple notion that christians just don't, or *wont*, adhere to... I mean seriously, what was the *whole* point of what this Jesus dude taught? it was to teach peaceful relations, right? to teach that *love* for everyone was "The Way" and that was how you showed love for Jesus/god, that was the point of the Jesus stories, so whether he's a story and whether that story is convoluted or ridiculous, is beside the point, because it's very hard to say that "love" is unreasonable nobody will learn anything if they are told that they have their religion wrong, if they are not told *how* they have it wrong. ^_^
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nice blog the most disturbing thing about the religious, especially online, is how proud some are to be religious not many people actually show they have understood the teachings of Jesus, instead a lot of people just seem to be saying various forms of praise to him - do a search on twitter for 'Jesus' and look at the first 100 hits, it's a fair bet that not many of those hits will actually show any understanding of what Jesus taught... isn't that idolatry? because the point of christianity was to 'do unto others' (aka 'love thy neighbour'), not to make affirmations about their belief, it's what you do that's important. ie. The Good Samaritan parable taught that you should show your 'praise' to god by helping out someone in need, Jesus didn't care what you 'believed', it's what you did that counted. and people who follow their religion correctly, rarely speak out against the people who don't have it "correct", so non-believers telling the loudly religious to "shut up, you're missing the point of your religion, that's why!" is important, i do believe i mean look at that "ark park" they're going to build, great it's going to make jobs, but that's not the point of the religion, it's becoming trivialised as some form of entertainment. I wonder if people will make 'pilgrimages' to it in order to affirm their belief? maybe all christian religious paraphernalia should contain a label on it that says "don't forget to 'do unto others'!" because it really does seem that religion is just becoming a mere 'thing' that gives you eternal life somehow, and regardless of what that religion teaches, people go out of their way to defy those teachings in order to defend it!
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Jan 3, 2011