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I believe Fru Ndi has served Camerooonians greatly; but, it is obvious in my perception that he is now a "credibility liability" to the party. His vision and stamina seem to wane everyday. Doing every bit to keep him there now only portray an impression of 'smooth criminals." I advise Ni Fru to think about it, his time is up!! Let some other person have the chance.
Ultimately Africa Confidential has refuted this allegation!! Personally I'm highly griefed by the undue rapidity some Cameroonians acted over this story. No one should ever be hailed for being detrimental to people, neither should we bestowed complete trust on anybody! One thing that remains cleared by my opinion is that Fru deserves more than just the "mouth-running" exhibited by many Cameroonians. For many, it is easy to stand by and make noise. Fru Ndi has withstood a challenge in Cameroon quite worthy of appreciation. Secondly, rapid reaction over stories in western media or political circle would often reduce African intelligentsia into a sub category. When it comes to our citizens who are worth their weight in gold in "our midst", let us talk with caution, especially when it has to do with issues emanating from europe.
Good or bad motives are not written on people's faces, you can prove me wrong! If I should dare make any gesture about this with regards to Fru Ndi, in unequivocal terms, it goes the positive direction. It is possible that the above allegation is completely or partially true, and of course, it is as well very possible it is all lies. But Cameroonians should not be so fast to make dirty remarks about Fru Ndi. Get this, western nations can even spend the whole world if that would make them attain targetted objectives. Very often, Africans inference from European media rather get them into more enslavement. Upon all the vexing billions that Cameroonian politicians pour into western banks constantly, only that of Fru Ndi is obtainable. Whether true or not, please, don't trust Europeans. They use anything to play over our mentality.
'Dr'. Agbor has proven that he is carrying a bogus cap. I beseech him to also undertake a 90 days fasting else Ngoh's decision whatsoever would not be revoked!! I also hope the teaching guidelines BB and the rest have for him comply with standard. Dr Agbor's decision surely fits his calibre, maybe I should wonder little.