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I will try and make a short video of our son at his Christening passing a rattle back and forth, eye contact to that person and smiling. He was 9 months. At a year old he had his MMR injection, we called an emergency doctor, he screamed and burnt up so hot his skin burnt through to mine through a towel. He regressed that week, stopped eating and drinking properly and came out in a "measles type rash" (documented on his medical notes). He continued to regress turned books upside down flicking through pages, lining toys up, didnt respond to us at all and he was assessed at a speech and language unit over the months then was diagnosed eventually at the age of around 2 years with severe autism. We will never forget this moment and we live with this every day.
I wonder what happens now? Thank you to anyone who seeks to tell the truth. The truth always comes out in the end. As a parent of a severely Autistic son affected by the MMR, I have always known what caused his Autism and when he had his shot of MMR at one year old he was never the same again. The signs are all there, and the gut feeling that you wish you had never given it in the first place. I hope this opens a new door for all those affected by Autism the gut, and digestive problems with the MMR and that their families and carers have a right to know the real truth behind the trauma. Blessed are those who speak the truth. Cursed are all those who have hidden this behind closed doors. Thank you for this.