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Mandy Br
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AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH - Our son was born healthy and well - he had a milk allergy which was solved putting him onto Wysoy baby milk. He reached all milestones and showed social interaction and eye contact (I have video evidence to this effect, and many of my friends and family were witnesses). Unfortunately, like many others he had his MMR at one year old. We called out an emergency doctor - he was high pitch screaming, had a fever and was inconsolable. He went on during the following weeks to have a rash all over his body and stopped eating. He had severe bouts of diarrhoea for which he had various tests, but they put it down to infantile ISB. He lost skills he had, became unresponsive and withdrawn. He had recurrent ear and chest infections. He was diagnosed at 2 with severe autism.
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Apr 22, 2013