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Mandy Rogers
Editorial Assistant for EQ Music
Interests: Feeding the Blogesphere and beyond with new Discoveries of the Electro / Pop persuasion I am a music whore - need I say more!
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Whoops my BIG error! Much obliged to you Thomas for the corrected info :)
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Ha, Ha, I just knew you were going to Love this one Kevin ;)
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Most definitely a much more fitting morning reward than a digestive at 11:30 Jack. Pleased to be able to offer you an alternative - Enjoy your mid-morning snack!
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Me too Breanna, thanks for dropping in, happy to know that I'm not alone in my seedy electro pop addiction ;)
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The recent EQ trax reader comment giving a direct link to this file has been removed from this post & has been pm'd. I can only hopefully assume that there has been a kink-up between CWMD & Zowie Management & that is why the link has been removed from their site & the comment from CWMD to go listen to the stream on Myspace has been placed here. PLEASE adhere to this if you wish to support Zowie - Thankyou! PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT PLEASE NOTE that EQ Trax is comitted to bringing you authorised free music from our PR contact sources, Artist / Remixer submissions & general heads up on anything we deem free & legal in the public domain i.e, artist's websites or mailing list subscriptions that we find & that urge us to share this information with you. WE DO NOT endorse illegal downloading, we check our submissions & links carefully & follow-up if necessary, so please don't waste our time by sending in cheeky MP3's that you are NOT legally authorised to share. We are bringing this to your attention since, we have had a couple of these lately. Really, you are NOT doing your career any favours by trying to cut corners & this will NOT be tolerted here. In short EQ Trax my appear to some as just a ditzy housewife / part-time music blogger but we grow a big pair of beefy balls on this!
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Jeepers the bandwidth's been swallowed up already! I've fixed a new link:
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2010 on Free Download: Upstation – EP at EQ Trax
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Update: I Wanna Be You release has been slid back to 28th June - such is the world of music, scheduling & touring
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Kevin thanks for your tremendous support! - I could spend hours & do spend hours in Myspace every week - it's the biggest continuous concert there is!
Toggle Commented May 21, 2010 on Free Download: Ribbon – Euphoric Light at EQ Trax
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Yay Ryan - get yourself home and join in the celebrations!
Toggle Commented May 12, 2010 on Free Downloads: Wideband Network at EQ Trax
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Aww well - making the two of you Happy EQ Traxxies has been a big bonus to my tiny day! :)
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Apr 13, 2010
Bows down to you Dj Dark Intensity - I have a feeling we'll be hearing from you on trax some more ;)
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Thanks for noting my error ooops! Links now fixed ;)
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Yay Glow Sticks Ahoy! Happy you like it :) Lovely to see you here EQ's! Mandy
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Mar 9, 2010
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Feb 15, 2010