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This would be wonderful for my son :)
I would love to win this app for my three little ones :) It looks like a cute driving app :)
I've got to say you are awesome :)
Just so you know you can't read the last question on the rafflecopter because the youtube video is ontop of it :(. I believe it says Name one that is free? :)
thanks for the chance to win. I would concider downloading DoReMi and pop out Peter Rabbit :)
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The moon sometimes looks like a banana because little alien mice and little alien monkeys got into a fight and whoever won got to have the moon look like their faviort food. Needless to say the monkeys won :) oh and it's just how the moon cycles around the Earth too but I like my story better lol :)
My faviort is Hop on Pop :)
My fav's are life and clue :)
I would love this app for my three little ones :)
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My kids love Max and Ruby!!!! I would love to have this app for them :)
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Holding your breath and drinking water for hiccups works every time for me :)
I would love to win this app for my kids :)
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forgot to say why :) Brain Parade Pro because there is so many different activities to do with the app from flash cards to working on recognizing pictures Dextria because of the fine motor activities that my children need and love to play Social Express because this app has so much to do with social skill learning that I can't even believe it myself and it's fun for my older two to work with :)
Brain Parade Pro Dextria Social Express
Who My kids What Smarty Ears Where Smart apps for kids How Winning the give away :) Why to help with their WH?'s When Dec 7th
This game looks great for my daughter :)
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1) Van Gogh's The Potato Eaters Dare to be different :) I only see one comment for this on but I do really think it's cool looking. I love the look of old fashion pictures and that's what it reminds me of :)
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2011 on Explore Vincent GIVEAWAY! at Smart Apps For Kids
Spending time with my kids :)
My kids would really love this one especially my 4yr old who loves this show :)He likes Brewster
I'll be there :)
I would love to see Smarty Ears :)
I've never been there but I love all the people that I've met or chated with from Australia. All the people from there seem so friendly :)
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2011 on Lulu in Australia GIVEAWAY! at Smart Apps For Kids
Yes of course I will definatly be there :) I would love to see superduper publications there