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Mcsmiley Smileyface
Helping men create a new global culture in the face of Feminism
Interests: Men's rights, men's culture and social interaction competence
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I'd say you've confused "manly" with "masculine"... half of those role models from the 80's are EMASCULATED MEN. Take Cosby for instance, his Feminist wife rules their home. This is a great shame to his masculinity which is almost non-existent. For a more thorough treatise on masculinity, please check out: But much of our article has a lot of great information. I will try to look it over and post the relevant parts in our "Exposing Feminism" section on our forum over at Thank you for your work!
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on The Misandry Bubble at The Futurist
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Jan 1, 2010