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I don't think you're being negative. I thought at half time that it would've been disappointing to finish at 2-1, so I agree with you. Also agree with improvement with Sam/Barklage on the right, though if I had to rank them I think we didn't miss much with Solli/Barklage.
Gaudette should not have come for that ball with the crowd of players between him and the likely cross, and no pressure on it, so mistakes on both ends of the game tying goal. Marquez will likely be scapegoated for the improved performance when he came out, but you could've taken out any central midfielder for a Lindpere and they would've looked better.
The league gets to look 'tough' on designated players, Henry gets to skip New England, and everyone forgets they were outplayed and lost 2-0 to kansas city. Seems like a win, win, win.
If Collins doesn't get suspended for his repeated flailing elbows, I can't believe there are people talking about whether Henry deserves to be suspended.
Conde at left back + 3 holding midfielders = no offense. Lindpere without an attacking left back makes that side a negative, and Dax and Lade on the right is better, but not a lot better than Lindpere and Conde.
Clearly didn't read the first thing I wrote, where I said two clear goals were ruled out, and if it happened to Newcastle I'd be incredibly annoyed. What I added was also true: that they had a lead with minutes left and didn't hold it, and either one of those goals being counted, when they were scored, does not guarantee they would have won the game.
Two goals wrongly disallowed, and if the shoe was on the other foot I would be incredibly annoyed. But I'd also be annoyed with my team, for getting a lead with six minutes to go in the match and conceding another goal almost immediately. They could have won the match despite the officiating, but they didn't. It's not like they could have guaranteed 3 points if either one of those goals was correctly counted in, and the game played under different circumstances moving forward.
As other people have said, we've seen with the Mark Teixeira injury, calf injuries are tricky things so it's not a Rafa issue. I'd rather have him in the back with Conde and Pearce on the left than have him in the midfield. He brings a big plus (calm on the ball and passing), where Conde as a great 1 v 1 defender can cover for some of his defensive positioning. I think he's better than Holgersson, so I want him playing, though I think it'd be foolish to be counting on him to be in every game for the rest of the season, which would seem to go against Hans' declaration of wanting a settled back four (then again it's not like Conde is the world's safest bet on being healthy).
They don't care about the amount of debt, rather that clubs are showing they are handling it (by paying what they owe).
The three defensive midfielders were hindered further by the fact that it was basically Johnson being the only wide player who could realistically be expected to do something out wide. As far as 442 vs 433, if you played the 11 in the post Dempsey would pinch in so it wouldn't play like a 442 anyway. Cherundolo being healthy will be a big boost to the formation, because, not that Parkhurst played poorly, but Cherundolo will give them much better wide play, which they desperately needed.
Klinsmann must be a fan of Ultimate Team. Parkhurst was an in form right back a little while ago.
I'm too used to seeing MLS fines, I did a double take when I read Pardew's.
I don't like it. Football metaphorically kicking emotion, pride, and goodwill towards all? Seems a bit too on the nose for me.
Wonder Strike from Hatem! Guzan couldn't do anything about it, and it happened on the opposite side of Lichaj. Also, very similar to a goal he scored a couple years ago against Tim Howard.
I assumed he was talking about the potential Liverpool move.
Was secretly hoping Newcastle would make a bid, not that it seemed likely. Would rather have him at Spurs than Liverpool, but I'm not a fan of either team.
Don't know why Defoe would want to resign. Seems like they're always looking to replace him/not play him.
It's not held against him. I think the point is more that it's a point in Iniesta's favor.
I think Sergio Ramos should be kept away from the trophy. At least while in transit.
Would've pushed Solli to right back, Lade to Left back. Coming from further back gives Solli a better chance to get to the wing with space to put in a cross. Conde isn't a great option going forward, unless everyone else so that golazo coming.
I'm not as high as everyone else is on Conde's performance at left back. With 2 holding midfielders and only 1 striker, we would've looked more solid with anyone at left back. He was great 1 on 1 in space on the wing, though, much better than I thought he'd be. Brilliant strike from Conde, and I would've taken him off instead of Solli, so there's that. As far as the DeRo goal, I felt like it was inevitable this morning, and the way it was scored is about right for the Red Bulls to have conceded.
It seems like there's never a surer bet than a former Red Bull player scoring against them, so DeRo's chances are pretty good to hit 100.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2012 on MLS/CCL Wednesday: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Two elbows from Collin, 1 yellow card. About what I'd expect. Also, the Red Bulls apparently give up the same kind of goal regardless of who plays at left back for them. Half expecting Roy Miller to be blamed. Would like to know Backe's thoughts on Conde at left back over the obvious-- moving Pearce.
I was rooting for Roma (as much as I 'root' for anyone in Seria A) before they got Michael Bradley, so it'll be nice keeping an eye on them this year. That said, seeing Conte's press conference (reading a translation more like), makes me want to root for Juve by proxy.
Toggle Commented Aug 24, 2012 on SBI's Italian Serie A Preview at Soccer By Ives
They might be better now, but the question isn't whether Fulham are better now, it's whether Clint Dempsey added to Liverpool are better than Dempsey and Fulham.