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Good stuff, Sir Hins...! For a minute, it read like a krugman piece !! Solid facts, grounded, nicely put together. I'm a harsh critic of most CR publications, but this, my friend is good stuff. I agree with the Docta above concerning the bizz enviroment. You can't blame the banks entirely for that. The government has to create incentives for investment in the private economy, it has to legalise the informal economy, and ultimately must support the creation of legal property rights. Banks will not lend to the people whenever the is an almost zero chance of collecting on their debts!! What are the instruments in place to protect honest lending by these banks!? A lot of Cameroonians have access to capital, it's just dead capital!! It will secure a loan as far as the "njangi house", that's about it. Most folks own their homes and the land beneath them, but these ownership goes just as far as close members of that society !!! Your home in Akwaya can't be an asset for a simple bank loan in Garoua. Land, is the mystery behind capital creation!!! It's one of our most abundant natural asset in cameroon. If we can reform legal land ownership, centralise the system, rewrite the fundamentals of our contract law, Land could be used to secure bank loans!!! All parties have to be involved!!! From customary to constitutional Entities!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2010 on Banks, Poverty and Cameroon at The Chia Report
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@ Observer... Sir/Madam, if anyone needs a second look at Cameroon History, my humble opinion first! Did you say Foreign reserves..!!? What kinda animal is that!? Paul Biya is and has been an almost perfect xerox copy of Ahmadou Ahidjo...period!! Is this so called Foreign Reserve a yard stick for economic growth, prosperity, stability and the guarantee of constitutional civil liberties!? C'mon now... Ahidjo ma foot!! Gimme a break!! If you are interested, I will furnish you numerous titles on Cameroon history 1800s-present. Interested...!? No, not Victor Ngoh!! I totally agree with you...Peter F...! Ride on!
OK you really mean what i think you are saying? @ Manawar:.... He is; more educated, more Godly, has more human feelings, more for the people, Hard working, and just to name a few.... I did'nt know what we needed the most in Cameroon is more Godliness!! WOW!!!
I could not agree more...u reap what you sow, said the old lady!!!
How do I say this...? I'm for the return of the remains of the former president to Cameroon, but I'm also troubled by this misconception (in my uneducated opinion) of the former President being portrayed as a Cameroonian George Washington! If you are happy and satisfied with the state of Cameroon today, then the former President can be viewed as some form of nationalist hero. The Cameroon system of governance today owes it's existence to the former president, who learned first hand from our colonial masters!! It just gets perfected with time. A simple comparison of the former and present regimes will reveal very few differences if any exists. For history's sake, I'd love top see the former president given a state funeral and laid to rest at the nation's capital...just for the sake of our nation's history. Anymore than that, would be an insult to history and common sense..period!
Very interesting piece. Though there is very little "this is new shit" in the article, your middle of the road kind of approach warrants a response. I agree with your analysis of the psychosis of the Cameroonian opposition movement, it's a very sad and depressing animal. I'm not a sympathiser of the ruling party, but I hate the opposition just as much. They have come to resemble everything they are against...!! It's so hard to tell the difference between the opposition and the ruling party!! I'm concerned though, and I might be wrong, aren't we over blowing this S.W-N.W divide!? Is there really such a divide anymore than our cultural, ethnic and geopolitical identities? Seriously, who doesn't want to be free, happy, and have his basic human rights respected? True, Foncha and Endeley helped create and somehow legitimise those differences, but then again, we are looking at two unsophisticated politicians who were dealing with sophisticated issues with a politically naive electorate in the back drop. Why does the outcome surprise anyone? Honestly, our history is a history of divisions and compromises, it's not going to change anytime soon. The so called N.W-S.W divide is not any more different from the Fulani-Kirdi divide, Ewondo-Bulu...etc. Just like some one commented earlier, it should be embraced and serve as a proving point for future leaders of Cameroon. Democracy in Cameroon can be best described as elite competition at its best, sautéed with political attrition a go go... The opposition on the other hand is very... simple, say NO to everything Biya, demonise everything Biya, say NO to anyone who dares to disagree with them!! Who has time for this nonsense?