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if Chivas wants actual fans, they will take the plot of land near El Centro in Hollywood near the Bally's and build a stadium there. Furthermore, they should make a deal with Hollywood United FC to merge with them to use the name 'Hollywood United FC' and I promise they will be the most popular team in the league and start out-drawing 'LA' Galaxy every day of the week. They could put a 45K seat stadium there and sell it out every night.
McHead wins for me all day any day. He is a true class act and an absolutely relentless warrior on the pitch. If we had 11 players with McBride's character and soccer brains and heart we'd be a MUCH better off team for it (and would have easily won our group and put Ghana to rest in WC2010, IMO).
I've always hated that meme myself. It is silly on many levels. (I'm not saying that you endorsed it with your comment necessarily) The US' problem is simple. Kids pick from 4 other sports first before they pick soccer. Until that changes and it's a more viable option for sports stardom and money; you are going to continue to lose the most athletically gifted kids (of all races) to baseball and basketball and NFL. When/if MLS gets to be clearly more popular than NHL, then we will see a marked improvement. Until then, expect more of the same. Oh and the 'style' issues are bogus as well. The successful Latin teams FINALLY realized that you can possess and pass pretty all you want but you need to be able to be physical as well. Spain learned that lesson all the way to a Euro and World Cup title. So if our young kids in academies in Mexico etc don't get that then they just don't get the international game.
there is a difference...a HUGE difference between losing 2-1 and losing 5-0 though. Losing 2-1 you might learn something. Losing 5-0 all you know is your team was out-classed up and down the pitch. That's not exactly a great lesson to learn. This game was little more than a complete humiliation that will teach next to nothing. So yes, it's a bit of a big deal in terms of building the team for the future as it taught us NOTHING other than our depth sucks.
I'm sorry but it must be said re: Emilio vs. Angel that there is another major difference here that is being neglected. Sure Emilio played more games, but he also wasn't the ONLY option. RBNY has been predicated on feeding the ball to Angel at any costs. DC has always had more than one player who fancies themselves a goal scorer and they don't always exactly spread the ball around. Beyond that, last time I checked, JPA was RBNY's PK taker and Moreno has been DCU's PK taker forever. I'm not saying necessarily that I would take Emilion over JPA but it's not as 'clear cut' as it seems. I haven't thought much of JPA beyond his first year either to be frank. What did he play last year 3 games? C'mon...
Baltimore, Indianapolis, Nashville and Tampa but no Chicago?!?! I would be very interested to hear the reasoning behind this. I would also like to know how the USSF thinks this will look in anyway 'good' to the committee that will ultimately decide this as Chicago is the home of the USSF. It'd be like England not playing any games in Manchester. I can only think it is the horrid Mistake by the Lake that has done them in. 'New' Soldiers Field sucks and really should have been razed and totally rebuilt to something larger than the tiny box it is now. One final note, the few comments about wanting large Hispanic populations: Chicago has a very large Hispanic population however, as someone else pointed out, this is the World Cup. People I know who have no interest in soccer 3.5 years get completely wrapped up in soccer for the World Cup it markets itself.
You really dont realize I was making a joke or am I missing a joke you are making?
Without being too dramatic, if the US doesn't advance out of this group, we should quit. No exciting matches. (seriously, I couldn't care less about facing England. They are overrated per usual and will be lucky to make it past the first knock out round) I also think this has to be one of the first times a non-elite nation hosted the event and still had their group end up being a hard hard group. Thank FIFA for not seeding France on that one, South Africa. I don't see how they escape the group stages. I'm also pleased with Germany's draw (my #2 team behind the US) if they don't leave the group stage without full points it will be a disappointment. They should be able to smash all of those teams.
there are a lot of players who haven't done what you have used as qualification and are yet considered world class. As someone else pointed out, Drogba comes to mind. No one can tell me he isn't world class. Also, this idea that the Gold Cup doesn't count or MLS Cups don't count. Please. Why should any other competition count then? A player has to win what is put before him. Landon will NEVER play in the European Championship. Neither will Samuel Eto'o. I don't think that tarnishes either player. What's up with the comment about the keepers in EPL too? Are you kidding? Friedel and Howard are undoubtedly at the top of the pile in EPL with some other keepers. Who is so remarkably better than them that they deserve no consideration for best in EPL? Cech has sucked for 2+ years. Reina is inconsistent. David James is in that same boat. Van Der Saar is on the decline the last year. Really, who do you feel is THAT much better than either of them that neither would rightly merit any consideration as being the best in EPL?
I have to agree on the Italy angle. I'm not a huge Serie A fan but the teams outside of the top 4-6 teams in Italy play a style that is MUCH more similar to the USMNT though in some cases more nuanced and tactically aware. I think a move to a place like that would help him stay in national team mode more easily. La Liga would be great, but unfortunately for the USMNT we play nothing like that. Mid-table Bundesliga would be great too. It requires the tactical awareness and counterattacking prowess of Italy but also a lot more physicality which is lacking from him game. (thus why he's failed to latch on in Bundesliga in previous trips)
95% of the Russian Premier league is in 15% of the country (like much of Russia's population) with an absurd amount of teams coming from Moscow. Brazil is single table...once the teams play in the state championships to determine who is in the 'main tournament' which usually results in a large number of teams from Rio and Sao Paolo as well. So 'yes and no' is the answer to whether larger nations have single table.
I pretty much wouldn't even call Ireland a power amongst 'Islands Northwest of Continental Europe' much less a European power. France has no reason to not beat them handily.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2009 on This Weekend's Soccer on TV at Soccer By Ives
It's not 'viable' beacause the Hull Cities of the world see 2 more teams who will likely be better than they are pushing them harder into the relegation door. ManU, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool they don't care. I'm sure they were fine with it. All the other clubs though, not so much. Celtic and Rangers wouldn't be Prem champs anytime soon but I believe both would be regular Europa League spot holders and that is a lotta money lost to the Aston Villas of the world. I'm sure the TV broadcasters wanted it. I know if this was the US and there were two quality, very well supported Canadian teams who wanted to join MLS, they'd be in if ESPN/FSC said to let 'em do it.
On Google Docs (I believe) there is a poll option. You could EASILY get compile data on readership by setting up the questions and providing the link on the page. I think they even let you export the data as a chart in the Google version of Excel.
The WC misses star players ALL THE TIME. I think it was Bobby McMahon who made the point that in '58 when Brazil won their first title there were a TON of players who were superstars at the time missing and people had the same worreis, but to this day it has gone down as one of the best WC's ever. Of course part of that is due to a little know 17 year old known as Pele getting a chance on the big stage. I'd say he did pretty well for himself and just shows that tomorrow's star could be waiting on one of the teams that is pushing the Cristiano Ronaldos of the world out the door.
@Posted by: bowl | October 08, 2009 at 03:29 PM" He will have nearly 6 months to get into the set up. That's not the last minute. If this was April I'd agree. There are a number of internationals in January and March he can play in. I abhor Schalke, but have seen him play a lot and he is FAR better than any CM we have now. Bradley has trouble claiming a starting spot on a crap BL team and Jones is a sure thing 'if he's healthy there is no way he isn't starting' kinda player. He makes us better immediately. @Posted by: advocat | October 08, 2009 at 04:40 PM Dude, he already has American citizenship. So this isn't some scam from an illegal down at the Home Depot parking lot trying to job the system or something. He lived with his DAD and his MOM in the US when he was a kid in Chicago and Mississippi for several years. Your claims that his dad effed and ran on his mom are utterly false. I'm not even sure why you would concoct such a tale. On top of all that, a player CAN'T use the rule he's using to switch if they aren't already citizens of the country they are looking to switch to. You are talking out your a$$ in a big way.
Well it'll certainly give us a better idea of our chances at WC2010 than if we played Mighty Micronesia. The Dutch are very beatable; of course they are just as capable of hanging a 6 spot on us. They can be erratic but when they are on they are one hell of a team. It'll be a very good test for us. Especially if they are off as they tend to get VERY physical when things aren't going their way and that could play well into our hands.
It seems to me to be a bit premature to start talking about this being a big rivalry. There is absolutely no history between the two clubs. Even when Chivas started the 'rivalry' with LA was mostly manufactured. However, after a few years of LA being up and a few years of Chivas being up it has turned into a far more intense rivalry than most truly realize. Like, it's probably not a game you'd wanna bring the youngsters to now. Columbus v. Toronto is actually turning into a pretty ugly (in the good way) affair. I honestly must say I kinda enjoy that. Though I agree with most that once Vancouver and Portland are in the league that is gonna be FUGLY! I hope they get that done sooner rather than later. Philly v. DC doesn't even rate a 1 on the radar yet, but given proximity it has potential.
@Posted by: Chip the Keeper | September 23, 2009 at 05:47 PM You have it mixed up I think. The Honduran constitution states that anyone who suggests amendments to keep the president in power longer than prescribed is subject to revocation of citizenship and, obviously, a loss of their political office. Zelaya (the President of Honduras) made such overtures and the Congress and Supreme court of Honduras (acting according to the letter of their Constitution) revoked Zelaya's citizenship and threw him out because he was looking to align himself with Chavez and Castro and be a de factor dictator. Obama likes the guy for some reason and doesn't like countries enforcing their own laws so they have declared the LEGAL ouster of their president a 'coup' and as such had the effect of automatically putting them on the unfriendly nation list that Cuba and Venezuela enjoy(as soon as the Pres or Sec of State uses the 'coup' word in any kind of communication it is automatic and all foreign aid is gone) even though nothing has changed other than Zelaya is no longer in charge. This of course puts automatic diplomatic obstacles in place for travel etc. If Obama would acknowledge that Hondurans have a right to enforce their laws relations would be normalized and all of this hubbub would be over and we'd be playing in Honduras. It is no more dangerous there now than it was a year ago. (not that it was ever exactly safe but...)
@Posted by: fischy | September 22, 2009 at 10:38 AM Homer would probably spell 'Koelsch' correctly though. ;) Seriously, Bavarian beer is untouchable. The BEST. re: Bellamy. I can't be too outraged. His only offense was breaking the unwritten rule of not hitting someone who is already being restrained. Even then though it wasn't much of a hit. It was a love tap on the cheek at best. Looked more like a 'dummy up, idiot' move than an attempt to injure the guy. If he wanted to hit him he could have really messed him up. I can't sympathize with an idiot who invades the pitch too much. After what happened to Monica Seles I can't blame any athlete who doesn't want to immediately pound an idiot into a pulp for coming into 'their house'
It is now pretty clear that people on this site only watch EPL, LA Liga, Serie A, FMF and MLS. Seriously? "Is he good enough for the US" Really? He has captained GOOD Bundesliga sides and was good enough to be called into the German National team for friendlies. (no ONE on our current squad would get that. Maybe Altidore in a few years but even Donovan would be on the outside looking in.) He is a top 3 D-mid in Bundesliga and I'm pretty sure will score more goals than Ching has scored in his career in under 3 years. He has a LETHAL long range shot. Not quite up to the Hammer's long range shot (which is why he gets the nod over Jones) but pretty good. He will not only fit in, but will easily be the top 1 or 2 best players on the USMNT once he is healthy and on board. It could be a real game changing addition to the team.
@Posted by: QualitySpecial | September 15, 2009 at 05:45 PM Pardon me if I am reading you wrong, but if you are mad that Ives posted results, please shut up. It's a sports site. If you don't wanna know scores go to Wikipedia and link jump from the article of the day and learn some new useless facts instead or something. (it's a fun work time activity. Trust me.) Seriously, there is no excuse. @Posted by: Dominick | September 15, 2009 at 05:33 PM Pretty much. I doubt anyone would be surprised to see Bayern, Man U, Milan, Real cruising. Those clubs have been doing it for 50 years now. It's almost an art form.
I can't wait to see the U-17 WC in October! I can't believe Jerome is still U-17. That kid has ridiculous skills. If he holds to promise (and I know that is asking a lot of a US prospect at striker) he really could make Altidore look like a plate of Alpo sitting next to a dish of caviar. He really is an amazing kid to watch.
Since we seemingly field 4 players who are naturally d-mids anyway at all times, I wouldn't mind seeing Castillo's attacking prowess overlapping. Whomever is out at LM can cover for him. That's what good teams do anyway and it would be nice if the US pretended like they were a good team more often like they did in the Confederations Cup.
@Posted by: harry | September 08, 2009 at 02:17 AM I'm more inclined to believe that FMF players get fewer looks because the game in Mexico is a poor man's Spanish game which simply doesn't translate well to the international game (you can play Spanish possession football but you better play it as fast as the Spanish do). Even Torres looked very overwhelmed the first time he was called into the Senior team. His game seems to be adapting nicely now though. For better or worse that is one thing most MLS clubs stress is a 'go go go' pace that more closely resembles International Football. It is what the league was created for after all.