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This could be an outbreak of an unknown disease or a known one, hence warranting a thorough investigation by the competent officials of public health. I therefore plead with the officials of public health to take this as a serious subject and treat it with adequate attention.
I sometimes find it so difficult, figuring out if Paul Byia is still a Human Being or he has lost his humanity and become a kind of wicked beast whose entire mind is covered with evil. In this circumstance, only us Cameroonians can liberate our Fatherland from the fangs of such a dangerous beast. I hope God gives us the wisdom on how to go about this.
These are serious allegations and the perpetrators of these criminal acts should not be spared by the anti corruption nets. It is disgusting the way this idiots treat the poor foreigners, even in their struggle to get the required residence permits. What a rotten police corps!!
What do you expect from a people who do not see anything good in Africa except for what they go there to exploit. Have you ever watched any African city on Western TV? They selectively show war-torn Africa or slums, thereby creating the impression that Africa is the worst place on the earth's surface. No doubt, some grown-up whites asked me if we have universities in Africa!! Food for thoughts, rights.
I was wondering if the Cameroon's legal system does or does not recognise the immunity bestowed on the MPs. So why can legal action instead of boycott of parliament session not be taken?
This is scary although not strange or surprising to have such a fatal error in an African parliament. How is it possible for someone to grow above the law. Does the international community just sit and watch things escalate in Cameroon. Do they want to intervene only when things get out of hand.
What kind of democracy does the CPDM pretend to be preaching when they seem to be threatening people just because they voice their minds. I seem to see no reason why a medical doctor be questioned about the effects of old age on a person's efficiency or capacities. It is quite ridiculous. Do they even have to intimidate journalist? They seem to be contradicting themselves when at the same time they pretend to be preaching freedom of speech and the press. Its a pity and a shame.
Paul Biya, you have to accept that you were given a long rope to draw and you have reached its edge. You seem failing to see that you do not have any more time left. You have to go, whether you want it or not. The moment has come when change must be effected unconditionally. It would be great if you can realise this before it becomes too late. Do not waste more government coffers because you will be merely adding more hell on your head. Remember that justice awaits you. I know that you are smart, so use your brains properly this time and do not commit more awful errors.
It is quite impressive to hear the number of projects undertaken by the government in order to meet the energy requirements of its population. What surprises me is that fact that non of the projects is solely the government's initiative. They still have to turn to donors for loans and I have no doubts that the loans have strings attached to them. It is also surprising to hear that the government already has plans to exploit and transform gas into electrical energy. What about solar energy which is readily available. Why do they not research on how to transform solar energy into electricity. Do they already have enough cooking gas? can someone shed more light on this? Thanks.
I wonder if this is the best way of solving a potential problem!! Madam chief of service, you do not have to draw stiff conclusions without first conducting an investigation in order to know whether the claims of your customers is wrong or right. You are there to serve them and you do not have to spare any of your energies in serving them. I would suggest that you design a simple investigation which can give you a clear insight of the whole situation. This will not only help you address this potential crisis but will as well help you improve on the provision of services to your customers. Good luck.