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Ahhh!! I love love love this post! I look forward to checking out some of these songs! Regina always makes me think of 500 days of summer (in my top 5 of movies!) she was great live too! some oldies but goodies in there. Seeing that your tastes are similar to mine maybe you would be interested in some more artists. I have to start with Bright Eyes (Conor will always have my Lerche is amazing (especially live) and Kishi Bashi (Manchester is incredible!)she & him (I mean who doesn't love Zooey) If you want a dance party than check out Bright Light Social Hour! they are in your neck of the woods and Jacks moustache is a party on its own! lmao! I will stop rambling! thanks for this post I always love to see what music other people listen to!
I love the book! you girls are awesome! My little sister sent me a copy as a surprise! it was really a hubby sent me a pic of a package I received at home with the name "marla" (a nickname my sister gave me)and instantly I knew what it was!!! I called her and asked if she sent me the book...literally tearing up! i was not expecting it! love her! sister are the best!
What a great post! I don't feel so alone!!! I tend to "collect" notebooks (which I lose all the time) off the top of my head I have about 4 and a sketch book. I probably have 3-4 planners (from previous years) that I wrote in for a few weeks then stopped. My sister used to always tell me "another never use it!" I tell her "but it's cute...I so will this year!" and it gets used a few times :/ I really love your Texas notebook! My husband and I are going to Charlotte, NC in a few weeks to see if that will be our future home and I love the idea of making a notebook like yours! :)
That stinks! I'm sure things will work out, you are a "go-getter" and I really admire that about you! I'm the dreamer that sits in an office for 9 hours wishing do have a more creative job. Good luck on the job hunt!
Hey *virtual high five for getting that far! I tried the cayenne pepper lemon water concoction about 2 years ago. By noon I was Grumpy McGee and my sister told me that I have to eat something, otherwise no one would want to be near me :-/ that was the end of the cleanse.
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Jun 6, 2014
I have combination skin and I don't get as many breakouts as I used to. My new routine is using products from Mario Badescu day and night and I also use the Josie Maran oil everyday. I just find that this has worked the best for me. Oh and your cats are too cute!
OMG! I love this project. so creative! thanks for sharing :)
Congrats! that's fantastic news! I'm so excited to see what fun designs you come up with. Best of luck to you! exciting. Good luck! have a great first day. Can't wait to hear about your new job!
this is great! can't wait to see how it turns out :)
I love your craftroom! I hope to have something like this someday. you have so much fun stuff!!!
I love your PL pages! I just started this year and it is really time consuming. I'm still trying to figure it all out! thanks for the inspiration!
Name and where you are from: mara from tampa,fl! Your website and or blog: havent started one YET! What is your favorite book right now: no favorites now, just spend my time reading blogs! What was the last thing you bought: mumford & sons cd and a three drawer bin from the circle with the dot store (target) Do you have a Blackberry or iPhone or neither: neither...iphone soon :o) Are you a new reader to Oh Shoot or longtime reader: its been a few months! What would you like to see more of on Oh Shoot: MAKEUP TIPS! i love your make up! What is one thing that you want to tell us about you: i would love to have my own gallery/boutique someday!
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Mar 16, 2011