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Seriously? I mean...IMO, they did him a favor (worst movie of all time, again, IMO), but still...
While I agree with Matt that some of the whining is a *little* over the top...the streaming *IS* most assuredly PART OF the service for which we pay. However he personally chooses to look at his subscription, whatever...that doesn't change the fact of what the subscription includes. That said, every online company experiences issues with technology now and then. My beef is...this is the second time this weekend this has happened. A company as big as Netflix (and as dependent on having their website functional) should have a failsafe/backup plan.
Man, I feel for ya. I own a small hosting company, and had something similar happen. I learned some valuable lessons on choosing a good data center and the importance of proper/current backups (I had backups, but not daily ones, and also didn't have any plan for immediate switch over). Not that I'm at *all* busting your chops, because you've been doing this for free, and have gone above and beyond the call. I love the service, and along with others would be willing to pay a small fee to continue. I would totally understand if you decided not to continue though, since your time is worth a lot, and you can only continue operating at a loss for so long. I don't think the general public understands all that goes into offering a service like this. I hope it all works out for you.
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If I remember correctly, they use Amazon's cloud services for image hosting. This happens with AWS from time to time.