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I have never heard Roberta (or Roberts) names mentioned in a meeting, and the only time she was discussed with leadership was in the last few days regarding this episode, never before. To be honest, I have discussed her privatly with 3 others of the EDL general membership in the last couple of months where we had voiced our concerns amoungst ourselves. no secret meetings, no emails, no PM, nothing else. you are barking up the wrong tree, this is of course diconcerting having my comments here deleted so the thread looses cohesion.
i dont have access to any hidden forums which are edl related, maybe you could post some screen shots? or are you just guessing this hidden forum exists?
The evidence is there for all to see, expose have done a good job of capturing everything. I emailed lots of the relevant links to Pam & Robert, I am sure many others have too. And they will make their own minds up. They will see you and your friends calling all Nazis, even though Roberta in her statement said most were good, they see you calling all unpatriotic, again Roberta disagreed with you. Calling me a liar just doesn’t make it so. And yes, there was a Roberta plan to oust Hel Gower, I was invited to the secret meeting too, Puck Greenman documented it well too. I am not posting any evidence here, it should be quite easy enough for anyone to-do their own research.
Cautious is good Steve, I work with one of the support groups daily, I have never had even a sniff of anti-Semitism, and in fact most of these good people that Robert has misslabeled, not only do they support Israel without question, but they also admire Israel’s methods of handling Islam. Go on the forums and FB pages, you’ll see nazis and moslims trying to stir things up, and you’ll see how edl members and admins handle it. If you have evidence that someone is a nazi and they are not being dealt with, expose them.
you can’t call someone a nazi because she complained about Roberta justifying the killing of British service men. so unjustified. you called HG a whore, calling people you don’t know cowards and drunks, I was called a capo for not wanting to join up with the Roberta plan. Just slinging unfounded insults around. Neither you or Roberta put England first, how can you lead divisions of the English Defence League.
Robert, at what point was it ok for you to say you would like to see a female edl supporter raped and that Roberta was ok saying that British service men deserved to die? Don’t you get it, by you two saying these things your positions were untenable. I never agreed with either of you before, but you really both went too far for anyone to ignore.
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Jun 14, 2010