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This info is very very useful, however i couldn't use the stored procs directly, so here are the views/tables: View: PublishedCategoryInstanceView. Publisherid = integer representing user. You can find the users in the table Resources. Categoryname = 4. This means 'state' Containernum = 3 or 4 . its the containername. see this article for more info example: = id = 8 select DataLength,Data //get also LastPubTime into :DL,:ddata from PublishedCategoryInstanceView where PublisherId = 8 and CategoryId = 4 and ContainerNum = 2; The ddata variable is a binary blob containing all ascii hex codes representing the xml. Just decode ascii to characters to form the xml. you can use the datalength to get the size of the xml. I used this code to interface a management dashboard written in qlikview to monitor usage statistics. Marcel
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Feb 29, 2012