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Marcel Williams
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65% to 75% of the CO2 content of biomass is wasted during the synthesis of biomass into fuel. However, if hydrogen is added to the mix from nuclear or renewable energy resources, then the production of biofuels could be increased by three or four times. Urban and rural biowaste should be the primary source for synthetic fuel production. Marcel
Why would you want to convert bio-methanol into ethanol when could easily covert methanol into carbon neutral gasoline using the MTG process? Marcel
It shouldn't be too difficult for electricity generation in the US to be completely carbon neutral by 2030 by simply increasing the number of nuclear reactors --at existing sites -- up to 8GWe each. Combined with hydroelectricity, biowaste fueled power plants, and rooftop solar, electricity in America could be completely carbon neutral. Marcel
For ground vehicles, you could replace diesel fuel with dimethyl ether with only minor modifications. For ships, engines that use methanol could be installed. Both methanol and methanol derived dimethyl ether could come from natural gas or urban and rural biowaste (garbage) Marcel
There's no logical reason to use natural gas to power modified natural gas automobiles since natural gas can be easily converted into methanol which can be converted into high octane gasoline. Even a tiny country like New Zealand use to do this! Marcel F. Williams
Practically everything in our universe in radioactive-- including our food and humans themselves. So radiation is part of our natural environment. The US had a nuclear meltdown and nobody died. The Japanese had three nuclear meltdowns and nobody died. If Chernobyl had used containment structures, no one would have died there either (now they use double containment structures). And spent fuel is not waste, its a valuable energy commodity legally owned by the government and the tax payers that's potentially worth over $100 trillion in clean energy production with next generation breeder technologies. That's enough to pay off our $15 trillion national debt several times over! Marcel F. Williams
Federal and even local governments could simply mandate that 10 percentage of diesel fuel sold in the US or within a State must be derived from carbon neutral resources by 2020 (50% by 2030) in order to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas being placed into the atmosphere. A 15% sin tax could be placed on all diesel fuel sold that did not reach this percentage by 2020. This would act as a powerful incentive for private and public energy companies to immediately invest in urban and rural biowaste to fuel facilities all over the US in order to meet the 2020 deadline. The Federal government could also guarantee a market for carbon neutral gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, methanol, and dimethyl ether by gradually replacing the Strategic Petroleum Reserve with domestically produced carbon neutral synthetic fuels. Strategic Petroleum Reserves are currently worth more than $60 billion at today's oil prices. Only $20 billion was originally paid for these reserves. So selling perhaps $5 billion a year worth of petroleum from the reserve could allow the US government to purchase $5 billion a year worth of carbon neutral biowaste derived fuels from domestic farms and cities. Marcel F. Williams
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Mar 5, 2012