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Tertia, along with rinse cups, there're also shampoo eye goggles ( and shampoo eye shields ( . Hope that helps.
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I also have never handwashed a bra, had no idea people do it (also had absolutely no idea that some people don't wash them at all!!!). In the machine my bras go to be washed, rinsed, spinned, the lot. And they still last for long, long time. If you can't find the mesh bag, you can try to use a pillowcase. That way the hooks won't catch anything on the way or they won't get tangled. :)
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Incredible and amazing! And how touching to see the herd of buffalos fighting for the little one... Thanks for sharing it Tertia. I've been to Kruger once and it was really an experience of a lifetime.
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Hi Watson, i just want to say thank you a million times for the videos. As someone who's just starting the IVF process, it was a great help to understand what lies ahead. I'm looking forward to the PIO shots step-by-step. Best of luck on the PGD report, on the Embies Transfer and on the many Big Days to come.
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