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If you have to finance your recreation, it's not time to recreate. - Chris Brady
If you "loan money" to friends and family, just write it off. You ain't gettin' it back. - Chris Brady
I wish advice were as easy to take as it is to give. - Chris Brady
I OUGHT to have THOUGHT before I BOUGHT, as I was TAUGHT, but now it's all for NOUGHT. - Chris Brady
For those with poor financial discipline, a lack of money is not the problem, therefore more money is not the solution. - Chris Brady
Easy payment plan: 100% down, no payments ever. - Chris Brady
Lifestyle should be more about life than style. - Chris Brady
By the time a family pays off that home in the suburbs, it isn't. - Chris Brady
Be willing to give up what you want in the here and now for what you really want long term. - Chris Brady
A real education may or may not involve degrees and decorations, but it should always involve the truth. - Chris Brady
A penny is worth what it can do for you not what you can pay for with it. - Chris Brady
A lack of resources forces resourcefulness. - Chris Brady
Your success will depend mostly upon how you react to the rude awakening that life is unfair. - Chris Brady
You can't finish if you didn't start. - Chris Brady
You can count money but not count on it. - Chris Brady
Wrong information believed and acted upon produces poor-to-terrible results. - Chris Brady
Worry about impounding your money before compounding your money. - Chris Brady
Who you are is more important than what you do. - Chris Brady
What you don't owe won't hurt you. - Chris Brady
The middle class is the 1 who funds everyone else's lifestyle by overspending, getting in debt & becoming someone else's asset. - Chris Brady
The battle in the trenches of our habits is where success is won or lost. - Chris Brady
The Rich use most of their money to get richer. The middle class use most of their money to look richer. - Chris Brady
Somehow life is unfair, fairly. - Chris Brady
Some people amaze me with their generosity and good will! . . . and the others? Well, they still amaze me. - Chris Brady
Paying a low price for something that doesn't work is expensive. - Chris Brady