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Marc 'Dreamora' Schaerer
Zürich, Switzerland
Interactive Media Developer and Educator from Switzerland, striving for great experiences and new challenges
Interests: unity3d, game design,shiva3d, c#, interactive media, ios, android, blackberry, sailfishos, windows phone, win8, wp8, windows 8 rt
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Unity Multiplayer Games is a great book to kickstart your multiplayer game project with Unity, read the full review to learn more about the quality of the various chapters. Continue reading
You can now get Unity Android Basic and Unity iOS Basic for free ... Continue reading
To use the updated, currently beta version of the Blogger Gadgets that supports Unity 3 and 4 too, please point it towards It offers you a few additional control parameters. If you are using the iframe embedding, please feel free to use the address in your iframes instead of the original one. The old parameters are supported. Its new additional parameters will be covered in the related page thats currently being worked on.
I fully agree. Money will likely in one or more forms always offer an edge and the high maneuverability and creativity of indies will always lead to ways too. I personally as customer and dev though welcome the change against the 'buy your ranking flat out' ways as they put indies into an infinite disadvantage. What I would like Apple to do is focus heavier on Genius and similar matters and fix the iOS6 bug that crashes the AppStore application on iPhone 4S and many other devices.
Apples newest attempt to stop illegal modifications to the AppStore ranking: A major risk to indie developers and ad based applications? Or is it a gift from heaven? Continue reading
I will definitely not deny the fact that it got costly the past years. But I have been doing some indepth evaluation of the options and right now they are inexistant unless you only look for a tech that replaces a single aspect: 1. Shiva: Likely the only real contender as its the only thing supporting all the platforms. But it lacks a real physics system (ode is a joke) and its editor is neither extendable, nor does it run anywhere but on Windows. Shiva is a prime example of what happens when you try to support 10 platforms with 7 engineers or so. it simply won't work out and you will lose ground, significantly as shown in their case 2. UDK: good for shooters and only if Win + iOS is of interest. It has some serious limitations like a totally annoying scripting workflow, no expandability on iOS and massive costs if you assume a team of 3-4 people and enough revenue to pay a living (will be more expensive than pro licenses for win + ios for the whole team within less than a year and will continue to cost you forever unlike unity).. Only makes sense if you intend to use UDK to generate enough funds to license UE and similar or if you have an absolutely strong UE background or if you want a shooter 3. Corona: if you want to go purely to 2D this is beside cocos-x one of two options. I prefer corona as cocos-x like too many open source engines is just a mess to work with 4. if you want to go lowerlevel get Marmelade. Nothing will get you more Whats definitely no option is Flash unless you target the web only and don't mind not being able to release on big sites once the premium license goes life. Flash once was a good solution for 2D and Stage 3D was set to do the same to 3D but then the premium licensing idea came up which will kill it more sooner then later (as if myspace, kongregate, facebook etc are going to pay Adobe 9% of their ad revenue just for not blocking it ... good joke). The next step will be a similar share on air to mobile deploys or a limitation of it to the creative cloud. It offers no technology to use only an API and a handfull of open source 'engines' that can save you some time but due to the lack of anything even remotely comparable to the Unity editor and its expandability, I have serious doubts that the costs of getting anythere done due to the lower productivity will not cost you more within a single project already than the $800 for Unity + iOS + Android (or $200 if its a Unity 3 to 4 upgrade). And thats just sad given the fact that the Air to Mobile deploy is much slower and not expandable with native oS functionalities actually
the $29 is only the first year, after that its $49 And that only holds for the USA. the rest of the world like AUS and europe pay the equal of $40 for the first year and $70 after. But otherwise I agree, Unity now is more expensive than even Adobe suites for the length of its lifecycle at <= 2 years and is only beaten by Autodesk basically. On the other hand its worth it. And while you are right on Android you must not forget that it was in beta available for quite some time already for those willing to go in there and requires more support than any other platform thanks to the incosistency and hardware - os maker fuckups in the OS and drivers. So that it didn't get special conditions seems fair to me.
Along the news on unity 4 we can now also preorder it. This is great but some might not like what they get to see or at least their bank account or credit card won't. Continue reading
Originally this was meant to be a blog post dissecting the Unity 4 news on Gamasutra but as that one got pulled again its now a post filling you in on the news itself. Continue reading
A short yet relevant update: Since March 2012, along the iPad Gen3 release, the limit has been raised to 50MB from the previous 20MB for 3G downloads!
Its rare that powerful tools are offered for free, but for a limtied time, you can get Unity for iOS and Android for free, legally and through Unity Technologies itself! Find out how. Continue reading
Definitely :) It opens up many valuable options on verifying that the evolution on the game and gameplay on one end are not breaking the rest of the game which I consider a very powerful aspect on iterative processes like game development or refactoring.
With growing complexity in Unity projects and its lack of proper MonoDevelop & Visual Studio integration, maintaining code quality and preventing regression can become a major problem. With the TestStar extension for Unity its finally possible to overcome these through Unit Testing your code but also your scenes. Continue reading
Visual Scripting is a growing branch of interest also in the creation of interactive software and games. While it initially especially bloomed on the art creation front with node based procedural texture and shader generation, its also more and more attempting to drive the interaction and code of applications. But will it really allow you to code your games visually? Continue reading
A summary on this years bachelor projects at the ZHDK course of game design. Continue reading
A short breakdown on all the new stuff we heard about OSX 10.7 aka Lion, iOS5 and iCloud today at Apples WWDC 2011 Keynote Continue reading
Klingt doch als wären das auch "alle ehren", mindestens wenn verglichen mit "allen unehren" :) Danke für die Information wie lange es schon im Einsatz ist. Zeigt wieder wie lange ich eigentlich schon Torque nutze, aber auch warum einige der Ressourcen nimmer aktuell waren als ich es noch nutzte. In dem Fall ist die ZHDK OSX exklusiv? (da ja bis sommer 2009 kein windows unity existierte) Sehr interessante Projekte auf jeden Fall auf den verlinkten Seiten, muss ich mir bei Gelegenheit mal genauer anschauen und natürlich um so interessanter zu sehen was für verschiedene Dinge damit hierzulande schon umgesetzt wurde :) Danke auch für die Information zu Rene Bauer, Mal schauen vielleicht werd ich ja versuchen Kontakt zu knüpfen. Generell freue ich mich zu schauen, mitzuerleben und hoffentlich mitzugestalten wie sich das alles weiter entwickelt, denn ich hoffe das es auch durch meine mithilfe und innitiative soweit kommt das sich die schweizer Unity Devs zunehmend auch persönlich ein wenig kennen und wir einen regeren austausch erreichen als dich in der Vergangenheit vermutlich bei vielen der Fall war. Ich konnte mich am Do mit Sollthar aus den Unity Boards schon für nen Plausch über die Materie verabreden und fand es sehr interessant die Welt mal wieder aus Sicht eines eher grafisch orientierten Menschen zu sehen (ich bin 95%+ Programmierer und 5% Tonklumpenquäler von meiner Verteilung her ;)) und ich schätze so gehts alle. In dem Sinne: Wenn jemand kommende Woche Mal Zeit und Lust hat auf einen Plausch im Raum Zürich so meldet euch doch, entweder hier, via twitter (@gayasoft), board PM an mich (dreamora) oder via den anderen möglichen wegen, würd mich auf jeden Fall freuen
Danke für die die Informationen & Links xeophin, freut mich sehr zu sehen in welchem Masse Unity eingesetzt wird. Die Nutzung von Flash / AS3 im ersten Jahr macht natürlich den Schritt nach Unity durchaus leichter aufgrund der gewollten Ähnlichkeit von AS3 und UnityScript :) Janina (@kaori_ino) war es, die mich via Twitter Bemerkung überhaupt erst drauf aufmerksam gemacht hat das die ZHdK Unity nutzt (danke nochmal an dieser Stelle) und nicht mehr wie früher und mir noch bekannt TGE(A). Weitere Recherchen via Google und anderen Suchmaschinen ergaben dann aber primär nur Treffer für die mehr oder weniger wöchentliche, abendliche Veranstaltung. Als ehemaliger ETH Studi bin ich mir jedoch bewusst das Inhalte von Vorlesungen etc nicht zwingend Unity in ihren beschreibenden Informationen mitführen und von daher auch nicht gefunden würden, entsprechend dann auch die vorsichtige Formulierung. Danke für den Hinweis auf das Serious-Game-Projekt. Hatte vorher noch nie davon gehört, jedoch finde ich das Konzept und die Idee die da verfolgt werden sehr interessant und sie hat einiges an Potential. Das Projekt bei dem ich mitarbeite nutzt Unity in einem ähnlichen Feld jedoch weniger im spielerischen Sinne, weswegen ich die Art wie zb Gabarello zu funktionieren scheint durchaus interessant finde.
Aufruf an die schweizer Unity Entwickler zum Dialog damit wir vorhandenes Potential identifizieren und nutzen lernen können und so mit der Zeit grossartige Interaktive Medien und Spiele entwickeln können mit lokalen Talenten. Continue reading
iOS 4.3 landed and with it XCode 4 and the cut of ARMV6 devices. Learn what this means for us developers Continue reading
The iPad started the tablet war, Tegra 2 tablets on Android 3 fired back and now iPad 2 is swinging around to bring back balance and price competition. 2011 will be great for prices and tablet userbase growth! Continue reading
Unity 3.2 is bringing some significant optimizations to the programmable shader pipeline (OpenGL ES 2.0) for the iPhone platform, a new compressed normal map scheme and the possibility to define the shader computation precision even in CG. Additionally UT has created mobile focused built-in shaders which make not only use of the precision specifier but also additional optimizations and short cuts, at the cost of some feature cuts. Continue reading
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Dec 18, 2010