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I quite like the concept of Young Miss Marple - to see why she was such a nosy body and where and how she honed her people reading skills. I can't not, however, see the American twist to it. That is so wrong on so many levels.
Excellent post. Although the push was in the UK, there were many throughout the world (Australia, Sweden, America, Canada, etc) that also took part as they too are worried about their libraries. If you do follow the #savelibraries thread, try to look at the tweets from January 16th and 17th. This was right after I asked the question 'Libraries are important because' and that's where people tweeted answers like this (but shorter ;0) on why libraries are important. They're vital to every community.
Toggle Commented Feb 6, 2011 on #savelibraries at IT'S A CRIME! (OR A MYSTERY...)
What a brilliant summing up of 2010!!
Sounds like an amazing book and one that is right up my alley! Thanks for this review, will look into reading it!
Lots of great information in one post. I have to say I still prefer to hold a book. But having said that, I don't own an e-reader to compare it to!
Hi Dan - It was stated on Twitter re: pre-recorded. I'm not too sure about them being briefed prior to the show as Laila Rouass was on Saturday Kitchen and stated that she was reading all the books on a weekly basis. (It was at this point she explained her 69 rule - turn to page 69 of any book, read it and that will determine if you will like the book... seriously). As far as the filming schedule, I haven't a clue, sorry. But would be interested to find out.
I watched, I tweeted, I got annoyed. But luckily, we (make that you) managed to get some answers. The biggest answer was that the 1st two eps were pre-recorded. To me, that meant all the constructive feedback couldn't be integrated within the first two shows. However, if ep 3 turns out to be the same panelist, laughing and giggling and making blank comments that one would expect from beauty contestant, then that will be it for A LOT of true book readers. We, the book readers, *want* this show to work. We want books to be written, sold, talked about, etc. But this type of program is not a very good advocate with its current formula.
This is the best blog post ever. Thank you!
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Nov 27, 2009