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By the way, I ADORE your book and have poured over it at least three times so far, soon I shall have the thing memorized. THe amount of work you put into that thing is staggering, as I am sure you are well aware:) just staggering! and much appreciated.
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good to hear from you! Lyle and Nancy are good friends, he helped me so much when I had Southdowns and Icelandics. I am Sheeperson on Ravlery but I don't check there very often if you want to contact me you can on my blog, I sold the sheep four years ago and miss them terribly, Lyle will help me get Cormos when I can get pasture somewhere. Cormos and or Finns, can't decide since I love them all! also I am on Facebook so is Lyle actually. the Mcneals were up in Alaska not to long ago and saw the most adorable musk ox babies, I tried to tell Lyle he could fit one in the back of the car and bring it home to me but he didn't go for it, sigh.
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Been trying to find a way to contact you, hope you read your comments. Recently spoke with Dr. Lyle McNeal of Utah State University, he said he knew of a breeder of Panama sheep, if you are interested you can contact him I do have his phone number, he is a good friend, taught me everything I know about sheep.
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Nov 24, 2012