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Ah most admired Ruth Reichl as for cheese do please make a point of the advantage in looking for unpasteurised cheese. When you buy cheese in France every cheese always carries information in this matter. I also see to my great surprise that you have not included in your list of cow´s milk cheese the king of cheese, Napoleon´s favourite cheese, the gorgeous unpasteurized glory from Bourgogne the EPOISSES made by Berthaut. You might visit the little town of Epoisses and meet the devastatingly handsome head of the cheese firm. A part de cela: Roquefort is always unpasteurised goat cheese as is rocamadour. Saint Marcellin on cow´s milk is also always unpasteurized. There is rigorous control in France of unpasteurized production whether it be cheese or the silkiest of butter so no reason for worry.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on A Few More Notes from Paris at Ruth Reichl
Why are there no addresses to the restaurant list? Let alone one thinks L´ami Jean must mean L´ami Louis and hopefully I am wrong. Why not test the restaurants where you find the tenors of French political parties? In France politicians love restaurants and above all those in Paris.
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on A Few More Notes from Paris at Ruth Reichl
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May 24, 2012