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I hadn't planned to because I've been preoccupied with Camp Mighty, but I think I'm changing my mind, because so many of my favorite people are always there. If you see me, come say hi, I'm curious about what you're putting together. (FYI, your link above is breaking because the closer period is included in the html.)
Toni, I love that! I think I'm going to have some girls over to make leis and do a Tiki bar crawl. Genius. Nora, I've always wanted to set up my own movie night. And yes, those popcorn dispensers are like $50 to rent, I've done that for parties as a quick appetizer.
Mojotooth, I agree that's really playing it safe, but guess it depends what you're doing in your college sweatshirt. And whether you have a scholarship that might be threatened by it. Shellybean99, I have a policy that if a friend doesn't like a photo that's only of them, I take it down. I've been kind of shocked by the photos people dislike of themselves though.
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Write a caption for this photo in the comments section and you’re entered to win a $50 Gift Card from Amazon. Here are the rules: I’ll announce the winner 12/17/2009 on Mighty Girl: US residents only, please. Winner will be picked based on uniqueness, originality, creativity, and general awesomeness.
Dec 15, 2009
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Dec 15, 2009