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Looking for neighbours for Farmville. I am a daily player and I do not care how you play the game.
well said Harry.
wow the nasty troll is going a bit too far this time
The nasty trolls are busy today. The talking points are getting old. No one said Kathy Jackson was perfect.
In reality it means Australia will not be politically interfering in the business of other countries!!
Jane, I agree. There are so many qualifications to such claptrap that it is hard to know where to begin. So I will have to make my own list: 1. The majority of pensioners do not have a capital investment in their homes that is greater than $500,000. If they do, it is because their homes have appreciated in value over time. This is a form of wealth called capital. It was never meant to be taxed in the first place, and I see no good reason for a person's home to be included as assets in relation to the pension. 2. People heading towards retirement, or even recently retired, use superannuation to fund their lifestyle in retirement. They do not rely on the pension. This also busts the myth about the so-called wealth of pensioners. 3. There are people entitled to a pension who are in the category called "very well off". These people are former politicians, union leaders and the like. They are all entitled to a very hefty payment. Politicians in particular are entitled to benefits that no one else in Australia gets - example: the gold card for travel, the huge amount they get as a pension, the staff etc. etc. These are the ones who are burden upon taxpayers. I have been "retired" from the work force for the past 6 years. I made the decision to no longer seek work as a temporary employee because of an injury I sustained in an accident at home (I fractured my coccyx for the second time). This was when we were living in Sydney, and then we moved to Canberra, and then to another location in NSW. At no time in the past 6 years have I received any form of pension or assistance from the government to cover my medical bills, other than what is paid by Medicare, and that is inadequate. Since retiring I have had a series of medical appointments and the costs add up!! I will continue to need these appointments and medication in the future. Since we are now self-funded retirees I continue to be not entitled to any form of assistance, and am not eligible for a health care card. We purchased our first home for around $90k. It was a struggle because we faced the highest interest rates during the Hawke Government - the contract was signed 1 week the wrong side of the interest rate freeze that was put in place... and as a result we faced interest rates of more than 21%. We were fortunate enough to end up having the funds to purchase an investment property. This helped us to fund the purchase of a home in Sydney when we were re-located. The appreciation of the capital value of our Sydney house was much greater than both the houses that we had purchased in Canberra. Then when we returned to Canberra we found that house prices had appreciated quite a bit since our previous stint of living there. Our story is similar to many other families around Australia. We have purchased and sold several properties over time and these transactions provided us with the revenue to purchase the next home and have a little bit left over. This has helped to build our nest egg, and restore it after the serious losses that we endured because of the impact of the GFC. Property prices have continued to increase because there are more buyers than there are sellers. Just because someone lives in a weatherboard home that is located on a piece of land that is now valued at a much higher price than when the person first purchased the property does not mean the person has wealth!! To the contrary, it is possible to be cash poor despite the value of the property. Piggy Howes simply has no idea when it comes to the wealth of some people, especially when many in unions earn more than the majority of normal Australians.
The previous Victorian election was held in November. I cannot see the Victorian Government going early.
Good points. Bring on the Royal Commission.... and let the pigs suffer
more evidence that the troll does not have a clue.
talk about delay. It should have been thrown out.
it is working again. I just clicked and it worked.
Lauristen. an ALP appointee, got it right....
thank you Gary. It was a bit hard to understand because the translation is not exact. I am not sure who was arrested over the murders.
Is there a way of substantiating some of the facts in this story? Thanks headsup, I know you are on to something very big.
If the accounts payable used better practices then they should have been aware of the discrepancy. In a majority of the companies where I had temporary employment, accounts receivable used the system of credit checks. A prospective customer could not make a purchase until their credit worthiness aka their payment history had been checked. I have had less to do with accounts payable, but I add here that with names so similar I have yet to fathom why someone in Thiess accounts payable did not cotton on to the deception.
I am not a lawyer but I do agree with the interpretation of SteveJ in this matter. Having worked in accounts, and not just accounts receivable in my work days, I am very much aware of the machinations of how this should work, and the same should apply to a union. When a corporate credit card is issued to a manager, that card is not meant for private purposes, such as paying for prostitutes. Each month the expenses need to be acquitted, with the manager submitting his slips indicating the nature of the charges to his credit card. To add a bit more weight as to how these expenses are handled, I will also point to the situation with government senior officers where they are entitled to repayment of some telephone expenses, although this is roughly in the 1990s when the officers who had such an entitlement had to acquit their calls, so that they had to pay back for private calls. The same should apply to the issuing of a corporate credit card, where the expenses are meant to be of a business nature. Paying for prostitutes is not a business expense. However, I think that what is also important is the way in which Thomson actually tried to cover his tracks on the expenditure, even claiming that someone stole his credit card and licence. This is not what would happen if the expense claimed was legitimate.
Tanya Beserk is nothing more than a screaming banshee or fishwife. She is totally pathetic. I am not impressed by Ged Kearney. Having her as President of the ACTU is to lead that organization into disrepute.
Ged Kearney is pooping herself. I wonder what corrupt activities she is hiding. Women are just as likely, if not more likely to be corrupt. However, there are some other tantalizing things coming to light in regard to the building activity at Barrangaroo. I am intrigued by the fact that both of the principals of one "company" who supplied labor for these building projects were gunned down. I remember reading about the second man because he was a father of 3 (I think that is the right number). When he was murdered there was talk of him being a standover man. Later it was revealed that his business partner had been killed in similar circumstances. It smacked of bikie activity, but I do not think either man was involved in a bikie club.... and that means.... the bikies were eliminating them to take over their role... perhaps. The murders are unsolved... but it is related to the activities of a mafia type person, the bikies and the CFMEU.
Thomson lied to the Parliament. He claimed that he was set up. He said his card was used by someone else. That was an outright lie.
spot the stupid troll who writes absolute drivel. There is absolutely no meaning to the statement that was made. Sounds like the troll is projecting his own hatred onto others which is a typical Leftist sign.
thank you headsup for keeping us informed. This is very interesting and I appreciate the information that you are providing.
Spot the troll
Ged Kearney seems to be about to poop herself over the prospect of a Royal Commission. The brother of the ex-lover of the red-haired witch, aka Brendan O'Connor is also about to poop himself. They are screaming that it is a waste of money. On the other hand Mr. Fitzgerald has come out very strongly about the whole matter, including how he was intimidated and threatened with death.
It is against my religion to watch or listen to the ABC :)